42" HDTVs - Samsung / Panasonic / Westinghouse?

Anyone know any good (sub-$1000) deals on good 37" HDTVs? 720p is fine, I think either DLP or LCD would be fine as long as the picture is good. Should I just wait until after the new year?

I really don’t know enough about this stuff to go hunting effectively. I know I don’t want anything larger than 37", as the 36" CRT I have now is plenty big for how far away we sit. I’d go smaller, but from what I understand, the 16:9 spect ratio means you have to adjust a bit upwards to get the same ‘size’ screen, yes?

Yes, yes I do.

Type in your zip to find the best bottom line price.

It’s so cool!

Lots of Ikea fans in this thread. :)

Speaking of furniture, did I spot SoundStyle towers in a few pictures?

Let’s see, you’ve got your Shakespeare, your Lego battlecruiser, nice HD set, well-regarded board game and a good driving game. Looks like you’ve got your cultural bases covered!

-5 points for the crappy Comcast or Adelphia PVR box though. I hate that stinking thing!

I want bonus points for watching American Chopper!

Now look what you all did…

Items Ordered:
[B] Westinghouse LVM-42W2 42" 1080p LCD HDTV

[/B]Shipping estimate: December 8, 2006 - December 11, 2006
Delivery estimate: December 13, 2006 - December 20, 2006

You should be ashamed! But I can thank you for the great deal :) and info.

Dude score the westinghouse is the shits! I love mine.