4K, HDR Monitor for Gaming


Now that I’ve got my PS4 Pro, I’m starting to think about how to get the best performance out if it. It seems great hooked up to my 1080p 60" TV, but I’ve started wondering about having it in my office instead. I’d like to hook it up to a reasonably priced, 4K display that supports the type of HDR video that the PS4 Pro puts out. But I don’t want a giant set, just something big enough that would also serve as a monitor. I’m thinking 27" - 32". Little lag would also be important. As would HDMI input for the PS4 Pro and HDCP 2.2.

Google has not revealed such a beast to me. Does it exist?


I don’t think you are going to notice a 4k difference @ anything less than a 40" screen. I went with a TV as a monitor, I will also be using it for a future PS4 Pro purchase.

Some possibly helpful threads:

Also good read here: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/09/22/hdr-gaming-and-the-pc-its-complicated/


Thanks! I would think that 4K would matter at that size for qualification as a “Retina” or high density display for text.

That RPS article was informative in that it seems the type of monitor I’d want doesn’t exist yet, but soon will.

Sony had that smaller 3D PlayStation branded display for PS3. Maybe they’ll do something similar for the PS4 Pro.


I have a 4k 15" laptop and there is a noticeable (but small) difference in games @ 4k compared to 1080p. Text is much, much better.


Not true… using a 27" 4k monitor and there’s a very clear difference. It’s not just size but how close you are to the screen. If it was a 27" TV and you were sitting a long way from it there probably wouldn’t be a difference.


I’m using a Vizio P50, highly recommended.


I think this thread was the last I looked into this, and there weren’t many PC monitor options at the time for HDR and 4k.

Now I saw today that in the recommended specs for Final Fantasy XV that they support HDR10 and 4K and 8K resolutions. So does that mean there’s 4K and 8K monitors coming out now which support HDR10? Are they outrageously expensive right now?

Edit: Hmmm, here’s one from Dell, pretty pricey though. 27 inch monitor for $1500. I think you can get a much bigger 4k HDR TV for that price.


I was looking into this over the weekend, and the ACER and ASUS gaming options should be available later this year, but no word on price then. The Dell you linked looks amazing (it’s basically an HDR version of the monitor I just bought last year from Dell) but I couldn’t find the refresh rate anywhere, and for that kind of money I’d expect a high refresh rate and g-sync in addion to HDR10. I think the price is so high because of the professional color calibration, tbh. I expect the ACER and ASUS versions to be $1100 or so ($400 more than the current incarnations), if I had to guess.

That contains the upcoming product part numbers for HDR monitors:

Now, that being said, here are my concerns.

1 - I only seem to find 4K monitors with HDR and I don’t really think gaming is quite at the 4K level yet, even with a 1080 I’m only getting 60-80 fps on most of my games at the settings I want, at 1440p. If I was playing at 4K I’d be hard pressed to get 60fps on several select titles I believe. And 1440p looks amazing, so what am I really gaining here?

2 - This article has me a little concerned about the HDR implementation on PC monitors. http://www.pcgamer.com/monitor-demo-shows-why-we-shouldnt-worry-about-hdr-just-yet/

3 - I have an HDR10 Samsung TV and it’s gorgeous to play on, but not every game supports HDR. I was hoping PC games would just “work” but seeing the FFXV announcement, that it supports HDR, makes me think right now there is a very small number of games I’d get anything out of it with.

My conclusion is that since I want to buy a high refresh rate monitor with gsync I’m better served sticking with what’s been proven to be amazing (the new IPS panel gsynch displays ASUS and/or ACER put out last year) and stick with 1440p, and hold off for a few years on the HDR display, so when I’m getting one the tech is better, the price is dropped, and the support is there.


I’m still waiting for this:


I would absolutely love that thing, but man… I just can’t justify the price tag it’s going to have. It was hard enough to shell out for my current GSync monitor. :)


I’m thinking of grabbing that, despite my earlier misgivings, because I’ll have a large windfall in a few months and very few opportunities like that ever come up for me, so future-proofing my display seems like a good investment. And I don’t have a 144hz/Gsync display currently, so it would be a significant upgrade for anything, not just HDR-compliant software.

EDIT - I just read it has been delayed into Q1 2018, so that might be where I stick with the known quantity of a 144hz Gsync 1440p display with an IPS panel isntead. The rumored $1500-2000 price tag is a little unnerving, as while I could afford it… that’d be all I get, and that’s probably not worth it. I would almost rather get TWO 27" ROG Swift 1440p units than one with HDR. Plus, I have a real nice 49" Samsung Quantom Dot HDR10 TV so it’s not like I don’t already have an HDR option.


yeah i was looking around for hdr + 4k + gsync and it doesn’t exist yet in sub $1k.


I’m also a little concerned about scalability. Most games I’d rather run fast at 1440p than 4k and have to turn settings down (even with a 1080GTX) and some things don’t even offer anything higher than 1080p, including streaming Netflix or watching a blu-ray on my PC, so I don’t want to feel like the monitor looks worse in those situations than the current 1440p monsters (like the PG279Q) can do. I was hoping for a 1440p HDR option, but it looks like those will be pretty few and far between.


Nah I run tons of stuff at 4K and it is 60fps. You definitely need the 1080 Ti though the regular 1080 will not cut it.


I just don’t like running in 4K - not for the games, but for all the desktop apps (like even Steam) that just don’t scale properly, even with the Windows scaling set (I think I was using 200%). I had my PC plugged into my 4K TV and it was neat, and the games actually ran just fine at 4K (the games I tested I hit 60fps with, including Doom and Witcher 3) but there were some things I had to make allowances for on the desktop I didn’t enjoy, so I’m sticking with 1440p for now. Best of all worlds, imo.

I sit close enough to my display that 27" @1440p is very nice looking. At 4K I’d want something big enough I’d probably get a headache being this close to it.


Back on topic though, the HDR world on PC seems quite immature to date. Probably better to wait until much deeper in 2018 before getting into it.


This was where my research led as well. I love the idea of HDR gaming (the above mentioned 4K tv is HDR and it’s freaking fabulous) but it’s not well supported on PC and the hardware is going to be very expensive when it launches, I am certain. I think for now I’ll grab a nice gsync display at 1440p and in a few years upgrade to something with gsync and HDR. That’s my tentative plan, at least.


OLED gaming laptop ;).

OTOH I was thinking about making a big post about HDR console gaming. I feel like we’re starting something new for gaming, where audio/visual fidelity and accuracy rather than just frame rates matter.


Nvidia announce big screens for PCs. 65", 4K, HDR, 120hz G-sync, with a built-in Shield:


No OLED no buy. LED is dead to me, you might as well smear 💩 all over your eyeballs, same difference.