4K TV recommendations, advice?

Yeah, to be clear, I wasn’t suggesting buying a 1080p TV in 2018. Rereading my earlier post it seemed like I was. Basically 4k isn’t a price premium any more so you might as well go for it. I got that 50" 4k TV for a whopping $280, after all.

Also 1080p upscaling to 4k has really improved over the last few years, I play a bunch of 1080p games on my 4k screen and they look great at 5 feet away.

I got the Roku 2017 55" a few months back. Screen is fine, and Roku interface is great.

There is no real upscaling required as 4k is exactly four times 1080p resolution. Every 1080p pixel is four 4k pixels.

Some sets still use more sophisticated methods. I believe some of the high end Sony sets have AI deep learning derived algorithms used to scale 1080p content. Similar to nVidia’s DLSS reconstruction efforts.

I have to 2017 55P605 from TCL and have been really happy with it. Great, great value for money. Hard to justify spending more unless you are jumping up all the way to OLED.

I don’t see why they would, when simply quadrupling each pixel gives objectively perfect results. Anything else is adding data that doesn’t actually exist.

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Uh this thread’s moving fast but the rtings.com reference is valid. A great detailed review site.

According to the website, the best mid-range 65 inch TV is the Sony XBR X900F. Which I happen to own. Actually the E model but similar or same thing.

Also follow https://twitter.com/Vincent_Teoh - he’s probably the most thorough and knowledgeable TV reviewer on the planet, and runs a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/hdtvtest. The channel is great for geeking out now and then. He is quite fond of the Sony, though you can get better if you’re willing to spend more.

Quick review of the Sony - I LOVE this TV. The picture quality is heart-stopping. My wife is scared to watch Game of Thrones on it because it is too intense - she has to get up and walk around sometimes.

OLED schmoled (/ducks). The blacks are awesomely black. :P. Get the Sony! Also, 65 is an ideal size for me and I sit quite close - screen to eyes about 7 feet.

Too many new-fangled reddit-y references here. Could someone translate into Gen-X please?

Ha, I’m just saying OLED is good, but not a necessity. It’s much more expensive.

Thank you, Sir.

Don’t buy a Vizio. They freeze. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj5-ERpae4c

Mine does it about once or twice a week. I even bought a one of these so I could quickly turn it off and back on again instead of pulling the power cord.

My only recommendation is don’t ever fucking buy a Sony TV.

Toshiba?? Anyone? Anecdotes or thoughts?

Can you elaborate on that, is this a problem with Vizio 4K TVs? Because I’ve got a regular old 1080p and haven’t seen any freezing.

Mine is a 4K. D40u-D1 40 inch.

Sony’s are fine, you just happened to have a bad experience. :p

I also sprung for the extra 4 year warranty for $50 on Amazon when I got mine, because any tv can go bad after the first year. And repair people want lots of money up front for doing “diagnostics” to tell you how much they really want to charge you to fix it.

I wish my 55" Sony would die so I could replace it. I can’t justify replacing it when it still works fine.

My $280 50" 4k TV is the toshiba fireTV model. It’s fine. Sound is surprisingly good.

How old? As dumb as it sounds if it works , give it away! You’ll pay more to recycle it otherwise.