4K TV recommendations, advice?


Rest them on the TV, stusser.


I don’t really want everything I watch to be framed by my hairy thighs and scrotum. I mean some content it’s appropriate, but not everything.


If you’re getting an LG OLED, definitely check the price of the B7/B8 vs the C7/C8. I got the B7 last year, which was around $1000 cheaper than the C7 at the time, and the differences (outside design) are minimal.


With the exception of HDR game mode. You may want to check that out in store first.


Came into this late, but just adding I do not regret a penny of the price premium I paid for an LG C8 OLED set. The picture is just amazing. I had a pretty high-end Samsung 4K set before that I let my son take to game on at my ex’s when she and I split, and the difference is really significant. Colors are so vibrant, when the image is all black it looks like the screen is off.

Note that on the 8 series, the B8 uses the older processor and doesn’t have the same level of image processing sophistication as the C8 because of it, so if the prices are reasonably close, I’d say go for the C8.


One thing rtings didn’t like about that tv is the viewing it from off-center. How bad is it when you have to sit at a 30-45 degree angle offset, like if a family of 5 were watching?


OLEDs have the best picture quality, by far. LCDs are better than they used to be, and much cheaper. The end.


I have the X900E, it’s fine. Rtings has the youtube video which shows the picture as the TV is rotated to face away, so you can judge for your viewing angle.

I love that TV so much. Here is Vincent Teoh’s practically iconic take on the TV.




Yeah I’m leaning toward the C8 at this point. I’m keeping my eye on things for a little while before I commit but this looks like a good all-arounder.


It’s never the end! The latest reviews put the colorspace at basically a draw. https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/oled-vs-led/

OLED has darker blacks, sure, but the good LEDs have amazing black levels too.

You can get a bigger TV with the same budget - for 4K you need size (see above). Practically, to enjoy 4K content you need at least a 65" (sorry but true).


But aren’t you the guy that says to sit 4" from the TV? And are crazy? Because if i can’t see the whole TV in my field of vision than what’s the point?

I feel like your the guy at the front of the theatre going “if only i didn’t have to crane my neck this would be perfect!”

I plenty see the difference between 4K and 1080p at the distances i view content. Plus, of course, we’re talking about multiple kinds of content, some of which are much more sensitive to pixel pitch.


I think @Scott123 needs a holodeck.

Which would be pretty cool, granted.


Admittedly the smaller the screen the better for me. If i even see a pixel i’m not satisfied, and the smaller the screen, the smaller the pixels!

It just reminds me of the 720p vs 1080p debate when there were all these charts and people swearing up and down that there was no practical difference between 720p and 1080p unless you were Superman with x-ray vision, and then i got home with my 720p Plasma and, like, immediately sold it to someone at work and got a 1080p, because it was so obviously superior.

4K is obviously superior to 1080p with any kind of discerning eye. Of course, it helps having 4K content to compare it to.

I’m just ribbing Scott of course, but at least for myself, i’m extremely sensitive to pixelation and can easily tell a difference. Even sitting 10’ back from a 49" TV.


Hey, don’t take my word for it. Try google.

But yeah, I’m also being a bit silly about it :)

They do actually recommend your eyes are 4.2 feet from a 50 inch screen, which is absurd. But I’d say it does point to a need to 1) get a TV bigger than you think, and 2) sit closer than you think. If you do both of these things, the experience is nicer.


This is why we set up our basement as a home theater. 55” for tv shows, 110” projector driven for movies! I don’t sweat the viewing distance that way.


I don’t imagine anyone was exactly on pins and needles over what I ended up with, but I figured since I started the thread I could at least update. I did make a final decision, went with the LG C8 television. Costco knocked $100 off the price for Black Friday sales so hopefully I should get it in a week, then I can see how RDR2 and The Witcher 3 look in 4K with HDR. Woohoo!


I’m looking to upgrade my family room TV with a nice HDR 4K model. I see the Sony 850F and the Samsung NU8000 are both quite a bit off for Black Friday (under a grand vs, in the $1400 range) and I’m debating which one to get. At this discount, it seems silly to aim for the next model up, which just went from a $300-400 gap to an $800-900 gap thanks to this discount*.

I have the Samsung KS8000 49" from 2016 and it’s just about the best TV I’ve ever seen in person, until I saw an 850F on display at Best Buy waiting for RDR 2 to unlock. That 850F was gorgeous, and an IPS panel to boot, but every review seems to give the leg up to the NU8000 which is (it sounds like) the upgraded model to my beloved KS8000. So I’m just not sure. We’re going to wander around Sams and Best Buy tonight and see what things look like in person.

*I was initially looking at the 900F which most sites (like the amazing Rtings.com) agree is probably the best mid-range TV right now, but when the price jump is almost $900 more at the same 65" size because one is on sale and the other is not, it becomes a much harder pill to swallow.


So piggybacking off the Plex thread, I’m probably going to spring for a nice and (fairly) cheap Samsung NU8000. That it gets good marks as a gaming TV kind of puts it over the top for me.

But before I pull the trigger, I wanted to get some thoughts on whether it was foolish to buy a SquareTrade extended warranty. Samsung’s full parts and labor warranty is 1 year. I’m under the impression that if a modern 4k HDR TV has an issue, it’s going to reveal that issue within that manufacturer’s warranty period. But…I’m willing to be talked out of that view. :)


This stuff tends to break in the first couple of months. I wouldn’t have purchased the warranty myself, but I wouldn’t call you a sucker for doing it either.