4K TV recommendations, advice?


Profit margins are pretty high on extended warranties, likely 30-50% split between the reseller and provider. Better off without it in the long run, but it’s also super frustrating to lose a $1000 or more investment after 14 months.


My Samsung LED TV broke a couple of months outside of the standard 2 year warranty and I was livid. We were fortunate that the shop we bought it from had some sympathy and gave us a little money back but I’ll be extending warranties well into the future as a result. Until I’m either too rich to care or TVs stop breaking! I think given the relative cost of the extended warranty vs. the unlikely event of the whole thing being scrapped and having to fork out for a new one it’s worth it for the peace of mind. And I’m tight bastard too.


Funnily enough, we tried searching for the problem we had with our TV and came up with a video on YouTube displaying the same symptoms. Bizarrely, they were also watching the same season of Breaking Bad when half the screen fizzled out.


Yes. That happened to me on my Sony TV, and it sucked. $1700 down the drain and it didn’t even last me a year and a half.

I bought a Samsung very similar to what @triggercut is looking at (It’s a NU8500 I got on a great Black Friday deal and it’s been terrific for gaming, by the way. I’ve been using it exclusively for the past couple months) and I picked up the warranty this time. I get the numbers and that I most likely won’t have need of the warranty, but after just having to replace a new TV I didn’t want to take any chances.


Seems like if they won’t guarantee their product for a few years that tells you something about the quality you can expect.


That was basically my takeaway. If a manufacturer isn’t confident their equipment is going to be functional after a year, I don’t know why I would be.


1 year parts/labor warranty is kind of top of industry at this point. That’s for Samsung, Sony, LG, etc.

Good try though.


Yeah there’s nothing sinister about it, it’s loss control really. You have to pick an upper limit and there’s always going to be a nonzero number of equipment failures, so how far to you extend support to folks? I guess you could make a higher tier that goes longer but costs more.


What’s a good try?


I just meant that you’re not going to find an HDTV manufacturer that I’m aware of that carries a standard warranty of over 1 year for parts/labor. But I agree with your sentiment and appreciate the response anyway.


Two years is standard in Europe and several large price competitive retailers extend that to five years at no extra cost.


Buying at Costco gives a 2+2 year warranty for free if you use their credit card.



Well, not really planning a move to Europe. And I’ve got enough plastic without a Costco card. But thanks anyway!

(I did check though and the card I put the TV on does carry an extra year of buyer protection, so that’s cool.)


Unless you go high-end, TVs are insanely cheap anyway. I bought a 50" 4k TV for my bedroom for a whopping $290 almost a year ago in a prime day deal, and today it’s down to $300 on a random Monday. Perfectly fine TV by the way, I do recommend it.

And I see they have a 49" 1080p TV for $250!


When I bought my 65" LG OLED (black friday '17), the Square Trade boost to 5yr warranty was part of the package, so still worth checking.


ohmy. this is…something. 4k. It’s a thing.


YESSSS! Welcome to the New Hot Sharpness!


I have been eyeing that NU8000 as well as the Q6F from Samsung. They seem to be pretty close and are frequently on sale for almost the same price. Did you consider the Q6F at all? I admit I am not up on all the latest new TV features, so I am not sure what the real differences are.

Speaking of subjective differences, I prefer the central stand design on the NU8000 vs. the spindly legs of the Q6F-style stand. Looks more sturdy. :P


I definitely looked at the Q6F also. I think if I were future-proofing a little with an eye on having this TV for longer than 5 years, I might’ve gone with the Q6F.


What are the meaningful differences and what swayed you? (I’m guessing you just plain got a better deal on the NU8000 and the marginal differences were not worth the price delta.)