5.1 Sound System recommendations/Help

So I have a friend who just picked up a 360 and a nice new 37" LCD (Vizio) to go with it. He’s happy as a clam, but I can’t stand playing games in shitty 20th century stereo.

I went looking for a 5.1 system he can just plug in, but it seems like they are much harder to find than I remember. It used to be you could get a PC 5.1 system and just use that through the DD in (the SPIDF thing) but now it seems there are lots of proprietary ports and such, and frankly I just gave up after a while trying to figure out what would support what.

Any suggestions on an all-in-one solution for on the cheap?

Logitech Z-5500:

I have this set and it screams.

I have that set too, and I love it. They’re the best choice if you do console and PC gaming all in the same place; I have that luxury with my Dell 2407. You might be able to find a better option for traditional home theater speakers, as the Z-5500’s are pretty much primarily PC speakers, but I don’t think you will at the price the 5500’s are at right now. It has minijacks for connecting to your computer, one optical input, and one coaxial. You might be better off with something that has more optical inputs, but again, this price, it is unbeatable!

I thought the 360 was setup for a PC style set of speakers.

nope. you have to have a surround decoder for the 360.

I picked up a $270 Yamaha system from Best Buy. It sounds great for what it is. This seems to be the updated version of it: