5 best video game series of all time


The Japanese spinoff series got some nice entries too.

I am holding a cigar while dictacting this.


No they don’t hold up well, but I did play Wiz7 and 8 in the past couple of years.

I mean, early entries in Ultima, TES, and Wing Commander don’t hold up well either.


In my opinion, early Ultima games hold up better than early Wizardry, if for no other reason than Ultima games don’t erase your characters when you wipe on a tough encounter.


Amen, brother (sister?).


Which spinoff of Wizardry do you mean? The original one (Dragon Quest) or the spinoff of the spinoff (Final Fantasy)? ;)

No tabako here. Or osake, because I don’t nomu. ;)


You are citing the Ultima spinoffs, you heretic!

More seriously, there were a couple Wizardry series in Japan, and some of those guys went to make the Elminage series after.


Is the intention to judge the games now, or when they came out / first played them? It does make a difference.


I guess I’d answer your question with a question. What value do you derive from judging anything by how awesome it was at the time it was released?


I just replayed Ultima V in the past year and it completely absorbed me. Then I played Ultima VI (for the first time ever) and it completely absorbed me. I found myself addicted to both more than I was to Pillars of Eternity, or Witcher III, for example. Not saying they are therefore better games, just that they still work.

Some games were great when you played 'em back in the day. Some are still great. Some of it depends on your head space then and now.


Like any of these lists it’s just an exercise to make us think about what we like(d). I’ve mentioned it before, but my favorite moment I can remember is finding the Civilization 1 box in the store and reading it. I couldn’t get home fast enough to open that box up and read the manual and play the thing. But today I would never choose to play that over Civ IV.

So each approach has their value. Civ I had the bigger impact on me so one one list it would be judged higher, but on a ‘what would I play now list’ it wouldn’t make it.

*yes I know my example is comparing 2 games from the same series instead of comparing 2 different series, cut me some slack :-)


I’m surprised the Arkham series hasn’t gotten more love. My list, in no order…

Batman Arkham Asylum/City/Origins/Knight
Assassins Creed
GTA (3 onwards - never played 1 or 2)
Mass Effect


This complicates the discussion then, because I guess we kind of have to unpack the baggage we’re carrying when we make these kind of lists.

For me, if I’m going to put down a list of “best ever” then it implies I’d still be willing to put any of those games in and start playing again, right now. Otherwise how can it be the best? It’s just a list of “man, this one is great, that one has aged pretty well, and oh yeah, that one is kind of crap.”

For me, that doesn’t automatically exclude older games - I’m more forgiving of dated graphics or control schemes or whatever if I still enjoy playing. For some people, that’s not the case. But I think classics can be recognized as such even if every element hasn’t aged terribly well. For me, Wizardry puts so many roadblocks into proceeding that you almost have to cheat, make backups. I would not go back and play the older iterations. But I would play an older Ultima. Have, in fact. They can be beaten surprisingly quickly once you know what you’re doing. I’d say Ultima as a whole has aged pretty well and would probably go on my top 5.


I mean, I get it and understand your point. I find value (or fun) in both approaches but I can see how trying to judge a game through the lenses of 30 years ago … complicates things.


Didn’t you pick King’s Quest as part of your list?

Overall, I like your list. Almost as good as mine.


I mean it definitely varies.

I played my first Metroid, Zelda, and Final Fanrasy games in 2003-04. I was a Genesis kid, so my experience with Nintendo stuff was basically Mario and Mega Man. And a few odds and ends like Top Gun, and various multiplayer games.

But they absolutely hold up. Super Metroid is still great, Final Fantasy games hold up well (even the NES ones are playable, if sometimes rough). You can drop Age of Empires and still have a good time, but generally older PC games age worse. Honestly old flight sims and games like TIE fighter generally age best from that era, I feel. Those and old shooters like Doom and Dark Forces, because the controls are less intrusive.

But god, I tried playing some of those old DOS era and older RPGs and it is rough. They’re almost impenetrable with horrid control and gameplay. Wizardry is the worst in this respect. Ultima definitely better. And a game like Darklands is even tolerable.

Pre mouse, keyboard dependent, games tend to age the worst, IMO, and I say this as someone who mostly lacks at the time nostalgia for anything pre-2003, aside from Sonic and X-wing ca TIE Fighter.


Have you tried Twilight 2000?


Nope, can’t say I’d heard of it either. Looked it up and it rings no bells.



If it’s not on GOG. Basically, instead of making 4 characters, you make 20, and its set in Poland, after WW3. The other cool thing is, you don’t know when war will break out, so as your making your character, there is a chance that war will break out and give you one final year.

But if war breaks out too late, you may find the character is rich, but too old to be of use, and have to start again.

Or to young to be useful. Thankful, the characters will get experience during the game as well.

Also, you can drive a tank.


The CRPG addict reported about it, extensively as is his habit.

(And it didn’t make me want to play the thing!)

Probably a better link, start from the bottom entries:


It’s a game for people that like making characters. A lot. A hell of a lot.