5 Freaking Tokens on TotalGaming.net


I have 5 tokens left on TotalGaming.net

What in the hell do I do with them.

Got Sins
Got GalCiv1
Got Space Rangers 2.
Got Sword of the Stars
Got Supreme Commander

So what do I spend the other 5 on.

GalCiv2 never hit it off with me for some reason.
SR2 reboot is on Implulse not TGN so SOL on that one.

Anyone have any thoughts on what else is awesome there?

I am a space geek, sci fi nut and RTS type of player. RPG sorta (still pull out Oblivion once in awhile.)

So anyone have any ideas what I can do with these 5 tokens?

You can’t convert your token to cash on Impulse? Can you get Sins?

Well I might be mistaken but thought Brad said had to buy on TGN and could not buy stuff on Impulse. But reading the TGN site guess I can get a few games which is cool.

Sins Entrechment gotten. Not enough tokens for Elemental though.

Also appears that Stardock Central not being updated as there are games on TGN that are not on SDC. That is an issue guys for those that just used SDC. Discontinue SDC or put a message out saying order on TGN and then download from Impulse. For those of us that might not hit the website.

So maybe I have a few games to purchase. If the website will acknowledge I have tokens. Support ticket submitted.

But glad to see a few newer things apper. Was having trouble with the list on SDC.

I’m in the same boat. 5 tokens in TGN, and I already have almost everything I’m interested in from there. I’m still hoping they’ll have some sort of transition program in the future (like getting discount codes to impulse with TGN tokens).