5 out of 5 for Postal 2


It’s like somebody took IGN, and moved the G.

In Postal 2 you are not a mindless killing drone. You take on the role of the Postal Dude, a down-on-his-luck-guy living in a trailer just trying to make it in the world.

Well that’s refreshing. Heh, the GiN thing is interesting.

Postal 2 would have scored extremely highly even if it did not contain such crazy violence. The game is well-made and I don’t think anyone who buys it will think they did not get their money’s worth, especially if you are forewarned about the violence you can expect once inside.


Thank God for the Web. Remember the bad old days when you had to know how to write before you could publish an article?

Many people probably remember when the original Postal came out a few years back.

Now THAT is one engaging lead sentence. In fact, I do remember when the original Postal came out a few years back. So he immediately connects with me, the reader. Good job there, Johnny boy!


What the hell? Seriously, did this guy even played the same game as me? Heck, I wrote a review myself and I think postal 2 is total crap. It could’ve been an awesome game, if they had someone else besides Running with Scissors making it.

The only reason why I am keeping my review copy is its because the only game that allows me to shoot innocents in FPS mode. That, and I kill Gary Coleman and piss on him after.

Well, the same guy thought that Dungeon Siege was better than both Neverwinter Nights and Icewind Dale 2. By his thinking, Postal 2 is better than Neverwinter Nights and Icewind Dale 2. This site throws around fours and fives like my ma tosses salad - with wild abandon.

I think I’ll take my serious game reading elsewhere. Somewhere beyond the land of run-on sentences.


Heh, I noticed their review too. It pretty well sticks out like a sore thumb when you look at the list of reviews for the game.

It reads like a junior high book report.


Strange how he doesn’t mention how crap the physics engine is implemented in the game. The ability to kick trashcans straight through solid objects is the sign of a well made game obviously.

Maybe he was too busy lighting people up and pissing on them to notice? :roll:

This reviewer carries the title of “Chief Editor of GiN”? :shock:

in the end, all that matters is the number of readers or the money they are making (if applicable)

looking at the local media here, i truely believe that we are going backwards, becoming illiterates someday. because the bosses (businessmen, no ethics, no experience, etc) need to keep their running costs low, they hire high school kids to be their EDITOR… so they can sell their magazines or whatnot dirt cheap, putting the others out of business.

it is sad cause a large part of our audiences are teenagers, you have to speak their language to get their attention. however, their language is becoming impossible to understand… no gramma, doesnt make sense, etc… its a vicious cycle and a downward spiral…