5 parts of a suspense movie/game?

i was reading a gaming magazine before heading to the movies and there was a preview for a game where they said they analyzed movies like alien so they could get the same elements in the game. they divided up the movie into 5 sections.

  1. foreshadowing/suspense - where weird stuff starts to happen
  2. analysis - where the humans figure out what they’re dealing with
  3. um, i forget. bad stuff happens?
  4. stress - the team starts freaking out and team members turn on each other
  5. plan - where the humans decide how to defeat the bad thing

does anyone have that magazine and can list the missing section for me? thanks.

If I were to relate this to Deep Blue Sea, Number Three might be the part where the chick has to take off her wet suit and flaunt her skivvies in order to insulate against the electric charge she fries the shark with.