5-Year-Old Allegedly Served Long Island Iced Tea

This story is so funny, especially:

The boy’s eyes became glazed and he began to laugh uncontrollably, according to a report.

Children + alcohol = humor!


I know exactly how that kid felt.

because a long Island Iced Tea looks exactly like apple juice :rolleyes:

You wouldn’t believe how many times I too have fallen for that…

I liked this story better


The mother of the kid was on the tv news and showed the cup in question. It was an opaque children’s cup with a lid. Plus the restaurant has admitted that it occured, so I don’t really see what the rolleyes is for.

Pfft! I bet I could drink that kid under the table. What a pussy.

Waiting for this to come up as an example in a future smoking thread of how your drinking can hurt others!

It was on the news around town (I live in the area). Mom was on T.V. talking ab out how outraged she was, the waitress got fired, boss was profusely apologized… oh, and SURPRISE FUCKING SURPRISE, mom is suing the restaurant also.

Grow the fuck up. Five year olds are surprisingly resilient. I agree it shouldn’t have happened, and the manager made the mistake of not comping their meal (he didn’t), but firing the server over it? It was an honest mistake, not something newsworthy.

Dude, if an alcoholic beverage ends up in a kid’s cup with a plastic lid and everything, I have a hard time considering that an honest mistake.

I heard that the kid ended up in the emergency room? That much booze for a kid that young can be pretty frigging dangerous. If it were my kid, I would sue them too.

How is this the restaurant’s fault? How could they know the waittress or whoever was going to flip out and do something stupid? Unless there’s a prior record, you can’t fault the chain for the behavior of one of their employees.

What next, we’re going to have restaurants hiring security personnel to taste all food beforehand? Am I going to have to sign a waiver before I get food, saying that I agree not to sue if there’s been a mix-up that the joint couldn’t prevent?

In my understanding of the law, as expressed to me by my boss at the restaurant that I am working at, the employer is liable for actions taken by an employee if those actions would fall under their job duties. A waitress serving alcohol properly is a duty that they are reasonably expected to perform and if they perform it improperly the employer can be held liable. Serving rat poison does not fall under a waitress’s duties and an employer would have a stronger case against a lawsuit brought against them if this happened, unless she flipped out and told everyone she was going to do it beforehand and no one stopped her.

Ding, ding, ding. As an employer in your business you are responsible for all actions that affect clientel and within a reasonable (decided by the price of the lawyers in the case) set of conditions.

Also specifically in the case of alcohol and serving it often doesn’t matter even how someone underage became intoxicated if it can be proven that they were able to recieve the alcohol from the establishment in some way. This includes: Serving underage patrons (regardless of proof of identification) and other patrons giving alcohol to underage patrons.

The mother of the kid was on the tv news and showed the cup in question. It was an opaque children’s cup with a lid. Plus the restaurant has admitted that it occured, so I don’t really see what the rolleyes is for.

The original article (it funnily enough not making BBC, SKY or ITN news here) doesn’t mention that it was served in a lidded cup so you couldn’t see the contents.

If it was actually served in a kiddie cup with lid then I can understand her anger a bit more. It’s worth a free meal token maybe, but $75k? you’d get less than that here for losing a leg because the waitress dropped a chainsaw on your leg.

Christ, most of the people I know would order another one sharpish.

That stupid mom is ruining it for everyone. That was the only restaurant in town where they’d serve my dates.

Thank you Flowers for the classy humor! hah

Also, I wonder if the liquor was to get revenge for something the kid was doing? IE throwing tantrums the entire time he was there and forcing the waitress to make multiple trips to remove all the toppings from a burger (that was not ordered plain), etc.

But in the U.S., there’s always a lawyer willing to take a shot at it because you never know when you’ll come up aces in the litigation lottery (mixing my metaphors).

My guess is that one of the employees was drinking on the job and to try and hide it a little better put it in one of the opaque kids cups behind the bar.

Somebody mistakes it for the ordered apple juice and there you go, a hammered 5 year old.