50 Cent's game ok for kids

So the man claims.

Reuters News Story


At first I was ready to codemn 50, but when you read what he actually says, it’s all about playing the game with your kid and explaining things to him/her. Now each parent can make his or her own choice about that, but the overall message is, I think, a good one.

Yeah, I generally prefer East Coast to West Coast but in this instance 50 Cent has a point.

Here we call him 62.50. You know, the exchange rate and all. >.<

While I agree with what he says, playing with your kids is good, I don’t think games like Bulletproof are necessarily the right thing to use for that purpose. I kinda doubt that 50 Cent: Bulletproof is going to do anything less than glorify the warfare. I guess I’ll have to play it to know though. Maybe it’s some kind of amazing urban social commentary?

Somehow I doubt that.


Cynical marketing ploy ++

Cynical or not, dude has a point.

(A note on the subject line: Wilde said that during his libel trial, dismissing the opinions of persons not familiar with novels assessing the morality of novels. I use it here in a similar fashion, but it instead concerns games.)

I agree with the message. I personally saw R rated films when I was pretty young and I turned out fine.

in other news, Canadians won’t let 50 Cent across the border!


Well Christ, if you’re actually going to be there with your kids when they’re playing videogames or watching TV, what’s the point? You might as well take them for a bike ride or play catch instead.

This interview with the developers is making little Timmy cry.

I find it interesting that you guys have no problem calling him 50 Cent, but you weren’t so cozy with Machfive changing his name to Machfive.

Spare Change > High Speed ?

Maybe you guys would have been ok with Mach0.5

Or are you just waiting for 50 Cent to display a business card before you start throwing punches?

Well jeez, if you’re actually going to be there with your kids when they’re riding a bike or playing catch what’s the point? You might as well play videogames or watch TV with them.

When its time I’ll sit down with my kid and show him how to shoot dope…

Its the only responsible thing to do. :roll:

50 Cent works in an industry where odd pseudonyms are standard. Furthermore, we do not interact with him personally.

Oh, and Speed Racer didn’t have any property he called 50 Cent.

oi, I have a few pieces of property I call fifty cent

cue pictures of change

laff laff laff laff

However, isn’t this pretty much the only worthwhile thing a rapper has said since NWA “Express Yourself”? I’m not counting Necro’s “All Hotties eat the Jizz”.

Rappers have special reason to be very aware of the dangers of PMRC type bullshit. Though I don’t follow the rap world at all closely, I’m sure many rappers have said insightful things on this general subject, although not always about games.