500 errors redux

I’ve been getting tons of these tonight, basically, any time I try to do something on the forum. For a while, it was happening every other click on a link.

That sounds really strange.

The surest way I’ve noticed to get a 500 error is to make a post that’s just an image, no actual text outside of the img tag.

Every morning for at least the last six months, I get them dependably up every few clicks until (estimated) around 10-11am GMT. I’ve stopped even noticing at this point.

Haven’t been timing it myself but I get the same occasionally from midnight until 2am or so, PST.

Thread necromancy to note that it’s pretty much every night now.

Same problem, same time here. Around 5-6am Eastern every day. Been really bad this past week.

Happens a lot here too. Me too! Me too! etc.