500gb HDD for $139.99

Saw it on TechReport, just thought i would point out this to whoever is thinking on buying a new HDD.

Too bad i can’t order from NewEgg :(

It was $130 shipped from outpost.com a couple weeks back. That same drive is currently the foundation of my new Myth box. Very quiet and nice so far, but then it’s brand new…

Has Maxtor’s reliability gotten any better since the company was acquired?

I’d rather spend the extra $10-20 on a WD or Seagate, I think.

Seagate owns and manufactures for Maxtor now.

I have similar worries, but these are enterprise class drives with a 5 year warranty. I take that to mean they have more faith in their reliability. Compare that to consumer class WD retail drive kits with a rediculously short 1 year warranty.

I’m willing to give Maxtor the benefit of the doubt. Picking a hard drive brand that’s always reliable is pretty much impossible anyway. They all seem to be cyclical.

Other World Computing is offering similar deals on Maxtors. It’s “QuickView 500”, not “MaXLine”, but it’s listed as enterprise class and the specs and warranty look the same. $133 and $144 shown, but I can’t see any difference in those two items.

I got this deal too. With a $50 enclosure, I got a nice external 500 GB for $180. Not a bad deal at all, and I’ve always had good luck with Maxtors…even during the supposedly bad times for them…

Unfortunately I’m in the same boat as Andre. :( Too bad, because I’m one of those people who doesn’t like deleting things…

The 500GB Hitachi (E7K500) is way faster and only $150 (no rebate hassles).

OK, I’m finally going to get of these monster HDDs to finally back-up my important media files. I’ve skirted the danger of a hard-drive crash long enough.

Is there anything I should look for when buying an external enclosure? Anyone got any recommendations for a decent one? Thanks!

The new Antec enclosure demo’d at CES looks pretty nice; it has a fan and looks fairly sturdy.

I found the enclosure you’re talking about, the Antec MX-1. It doesn’t look like it’s available yet though…

Hey, just a heads up for those that are interested in this drive:

"… these are designed for a RAID environment, so if they detect a bad sector, they will only try to recover it for a few seconds, and then return a failure to the operating system, where-as a normal desktop drive will try and recover for up to 60 seconds or more.

This is designed so that raid systems don’t kick the whole drive out of a redundant array, and instead use data rebuilt/copied from the other drives in the array to re-write the bad sector (which would get re-mapped to a ‘spare’ sector), and continue on as if nothing had happened.

With desktop drives in raid environments, the 60 seconds is too much and the raid will usually kick the whole drive out, requiring the use of a spare, or manual intervention of a system admin."


Also, more reviews of this product:

As a desktop user, I’d stay away.

Didn’t Hitachi buy the IBM line? Those were terrible HDs.

And what rebate hassles? Newegg’s is instant.

— Alan