526 error

I’m getting a host error from QT3 on my desktop this morning. My phone finds the site just fine.

From PC: I’m getting the error on the front page, but can obviously can get to the forums.

Just checked from my phone. Same thing. Front page, 526, invalid ssl cert, but if I use my history to get back to the forums they work fine.

I assume it is a certificate error.

It’s a Cloudflare specific, rather than standard HTTP error code:

526 Invalid SSL Certificate
Cloudflare could not validate the SSL certificate on the origin web server.

But yeah, seems to indicate a possibly expired Qt3 certificate?

Thanks for the notification, fixed now. For some reason certbot didn’t renew the cert properly. The forums are on a separate host.


The site is barely running. It’s been incredibly slow since the cloudfire errors.

Seems perfectly normal to me now. I was trying more rebuilds recently though. Or did you mean the frontpage? That feels snappy also.

Still getting intermittent forum errors.

That was me trying another rebuild. Discourse is trying to upgrade to postgresSQL 12, and it apparently needs DOUBLE the size of the database free to do it. So I was trying to rebuild without the pgsql upgrade, and that failed too. That was my last attempt, I’m not touching it for a couple of days, let other people step on all those garden rakes.

Ah, cool.

It’s better right now, it was the forums.

Forums have timed out a few times since this afternoon but is currently fine for me. For whatever that’s worth to you genius types on the backend.