$6 mil home theater


Ridiculous. I don’t know if I would even be able to enjoy watching a movie with all that crap around me.

Honest to god if I ever win the Lotto or get a crazy amount of cash I’d prolly build something like that. Although my set up would be much cleaner but I’d prolly be willing to spend that much if I had it.

Holy crap, that’s idiotic. Cost aside, he has all this wonderful equipment and a room that seems totally and utterly unsuitable for high quality acoustics. Wood floors? Book cases? Amps in front of speakers? WTF?

I guess it takes 6 million dollars for Steve Guttenberg to come out of hiding and write a story on you.

No word on how much his Power Cords cost?


[1] the article, not bluejackalope

A fool and his money.

I keep my receiver in a kegerator because otherwise it would heat up and the heat would make the electrons move faster out of the speaker wires which distorts the sound.

The condensation on the receiver also sweetens the sound, giving it more air and vibrance. You can’t neglect the air!

Thats the first comment on that page, and I want to punch people like that in the face. Spend your own money jackass.

Seriously. When it’s your money, then you can make the decisions regarding how it gets spent.

I’ve found that too much condensation can be detrimental. However, I have since used expensive treatments to balance this out.

Now we know who’s buying those $15,000 speaker cables.

I think that I just blew my load and the loads of three or four people around me.


Where’s the 35 and 70mm projectors? For such a small room film would look so much better. And if you can spend $6mil on A/V equipment, you can sure as hell fork out the dough to buy a first-run film.

No film = fail.

Best part is, if that person had that much money, chances are he wouldn’t be donating it to charity.

He’s not spending someone else’s money. He’s stating an opinion about someone wasting $6 million. Just one of the many opinions you might find on the internet.

It looks like that because he wants to showcase the equipment. He is developing the system to sell to filthy rich people like “George Lucas, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, and Martin Scorsese.” Also all that stuff is on display for customers, “The mix of brands and models for his customers’ KSS systems will be site specific, and he imagines that, unlike his installation, the componentry and speakers will be stealthily deployed.”

What cracks me up though is his 4k (that’s pixels across not $) projector doesn’t take hdmi/hdcp so he has to input via component video. Not that it probably makes all that much of a difference, but for 6mil I want fucking digital video in case I hook it up to my computer.

Not to mention, you spend all that money and have a couch that seats three? I’d spend a few thousand bucks on a couple short rows of really nice theater seats or a few more couches or something. I mean, you spent six million dollars. Have some friends over.

I bet they used Monster Cables everywhere, raising the cost by an extra million.