6 Underground on Netflix: Michael Bay + Ryan Reynolds as Ryan Reynolds=Boom

Same here. Just give good old school action hopefully without tons of crazy CGI. Which is one of the things that has ruined action flicks like the Fast & Furious movies.

Yeah, it’s a real tragedy that we only got one amazing album from Sneaker Pimps. All the rest of their output without Kelli was pretty mediocre. And I checked out some of her solo work and that was fairly mediocre as well (though apparently she has had three solo albums now? I didn’t know that). They captured lightning in a bottle in that first album together. It’s a shame it didn’t last.

Thought it was ok, but not quite the fun romp I had hoped for based on the trailers. It’s off to a strong start with the action scene in Florence; sadly, overall the action set pieces gradually get less interesting and exciting the further you are from the movie. The magnetism gimmick doesn’t save the finale from having less punch than the intro or the caper scene.

I really like Ryan Reynolds, but he seems in a weird spot here. His character is the one driving the endeavour, the one who is invested in the most, the ones who takes it more seriously than the rest, the one who doesn’t want that people know the real names, the one that would be ready to leave a member of the team behind. Him also being the one quipping constantly feels somewhat weird. Of course, given Reynolds’s popularity and comedy chops, thr script does insist on that. He also has no one to play that off against since everyone else plays it pretty straight, and the one character who’d be potentially up for that doesn’t stick around for long.

Had fun watching this one, but agree with JD. Starts strong but loses a little with each set piece. Given that the Deadpool writers penned this for Reynolds, I hoped that it would be a little funnier. Also I never quite got the parkour’s guys part in the plans other than to get into trouble and need to create the debate of how to handle that.

Was nice to see Bay get back to the more fun rated R Bad Boys II esque stuff instead of the endless Transformers Bay.

6 underground was just dreadful. The flashback structure achieves nothing except make the first third of the movie hard to follow. All the characters are just empty suits. The action sequences are totally incoherent, there are too many characters being switched between, and there seems no arc to how the scenes unfold since they’ve all just been set up to have a steady stream of bad guys pop out of a monster closet or something.

All of the plans the team (I don’t know if I can make myself call them the good guys) are just utter rubbish. None of them make any sense, but they’re still do complicated that whoever edited this film felt they needed to put in these long voiceovers explaining the scenario. It’s like cargo culting the concept of heist movies, without understanding how a heist is supposed to play out.

I guess it’s completely shot, but something must have gone horribly wrong with either the script or the editing. This is just so incoherent even by the standards of action movies.

To say any thought was put into the premise or the characters would be a slight overstatement, I guess. I’d presume his only purpose in the movie was to be there so that there can be a parkour scene or two. Not like any of the other characters are fleshed out with the minor exception of the Hitman visiting his mother. Was there any difference between the Hitman and the CIA Spook other than the the gender? Both seem to be adept at killing people with guns. We don’t see her do any kind of spy stuff. And Reynolds’s character seems all about the team consisting of six members, but it isn’t really about specific skill set since the driver gets replaced with … a sniper? (Pretty sure Dave Franco’s character isn’t a seasoned soldier.)