60 hour Tivo series 2 for $149

Phone orders only. 60 hour Tivo series 2 box, reconditioned, but full warranty, etc etc.


It doesn’t get any cheaper than this, folks.

Please pass along any University Diploma opportunities you come accross as well.

No need to be rude, Guest. That’s actually a damn good deal, and a legitimate one (since it’s directly through Tivo). I have to admit, I’m tempted.

So, those of you with Series 2 Tivos–is it worth the upgrade? Keep in mind that I currently have a 7-hour (that’s at high quality; I can’t remember what the “official” capacity is) Series 1 box.

TiVo just announced some new services that will be available for the Series2 units (for extra money of course) like broadband sharing of shows between two S2 units, remote programming, and MP3 playing I think.

It might be worth the upgrade depending on what you would like it to be able to do.

I have this “40” hour series 2 and it ends up at 11 hours of high quality. I imagine you have to purchase a new service subscription for the new box? I am not sure I would upgrade for an additional 3 hours, unless you wanted a second tivo in the house.

correct - each TiVo gets its own subscription service, whether that be monthly or lifetime. should you buy the lifetime, it should be known that the subscription is tied to that particular box…not transferrable.

i have a Series 1 & 2…although i am waiting on the HDD to arrive to hack the Series 2. 11 hours just ain’t even close to enough time.

I’m just really puzzled as to why you guys insist on recording at high quality. Basic is fine for a lot of different purposes. Unless you guys have some crazy huge TV’s and it just looks terrible unless you record at high or best, why not give those other settings a try?

I notice a lot of artifacting on the lower settings, and basic looks like a bad VCR tape, at least on my Series 1 box (do the Series 2 boxes have better compression? That might be a reason to upgrade). I’d rather have good picture quality than more recording time.

I sometimes record on one notch lower than the highest. That setting looks fine with some shows (cartoons, for instance), but not with others. I never record lower than that, though. The lower quality seems way too noticeable. Maybe I’m just overly picky.

I usually just record everything on Basic…but I’m not overly picky like Ben. :)

I guess I have to experiment and see if I am overly picky or not. I haven’t even messed with the best quality setting, because I thought I read in some thread here that everything else looked really bad. Obviously that’s not the case.

Perhaps you could offer that as another mode in your game (like the B&W mode): “Tivo Basic Mode,” in which all the contrasty lines and edges are crawling with compression artifacts. ;)

Artifacts are definatley noticeable on basic, while medium seems totally watchable.

I use high for movies usually, and hardly ever use best except for things I might dump to tape later. This is with a 120 hour, and since the upgrade I’ve never had a ‘this program will have to be deleted earlier’ message.

Still not as nice as a DirectTivo, where you get 60 real hours.