$60 PC Games The New Standard?

Blizzard just announced their StarCraft II CE which is $99.00 and comes with an art book, soundtrack, and other goodies.

Blizzard also reveals that the standard edition of its PC and Mac RTS sequel will cost $59.99 and that its digital release will follow "shortly after [the retail] release.

The interesting part to me is the note about the regular edition being $59.99. Is this the new AAA PC game standard? How did this happen?

Also, http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showpost.php?p=2163983&postcount=1026

What BobJustBob said.

Yeah, I know it was in there. I specifically want to talk about PC games going (back up) to the $60 price, rather than bury the discussion in the SC2 thread.

Also, who the Hell paid $60 for Diablo2? I know I didn’t. I still have my day 1 purchase retail box. $49.99.

Bah, just wait for the inevitable 3rd week promotional sales, when you can buy the game for $37.99 at any major retailer. The price will then bounce back up to $50, and slowly drift back down to $40.

If you want the collector’s edition, you’ll have to wait about 3 months, and then start checking Amazon regularly and hope to notice during those two weeks when they decide to reduce their stockpile and list the CE for $40.

  • Alan

I’m balking at 59.99 I will simply wait a little longer for the price drop. On very successful games I may have to wait a lot longer. So be it. There is enough out that I can play so I can wait.

Y’all need to stop bitching. Ever hear of inflation?

$60 in 2009 = $37.02 in 1990.
$60 in 2009 = $48.64 in 2000.

What’s the problem?

Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitching. Price your game at whatever you want. Hell, I bought Dominions 3 at full price and most people wouldn’t look at that game twice. They would tell you it should be free because it looks worse than some Facebook games.

I’m geniunely curious about the hike. Was it the long ago announcement of AC2 on PC that kicked it off or the success of MW2?

Telefrog, I don’t think PC Games are going up to $60. I think Activision AAA titles are going up to $60.

Wow there is my Collector’s Edition. :)

A World of Warcraft mini Thor in-game pet that can be applied to all World of Warcraft characters on a single Battle.net account

If this is transferable (in-game code) like the Blizzcon stuff selling that thing on ebay to some WoW nut might recoup the whole CE costs…

I can’t even bring myself to play the beta, i think i can wait for the price to drop.

You’re talking about the game where they split it in to three parts to sell you it three times for three times the total price. Three.

But starcraft fans are so fanatical they will buy anything with the starcraft name on it, at any price.

What’s your problem with Mass Effect?

Yes, how dare they split Star Wars into 6 parts and expect me to pay for each of them separately. That’s unconscionable.

Gamer entitlement is funny to watch in action.

Blizzard games have always been 59.99 at release (other than WoW)

Are you shitting me? You people are still bitching about the fact that you get 30 missions in one race instead of 30 missions spread across 3 races as if you’re missing out on content?


Can I have your key then?

Has the heyday of Origin (circa 1990) ever been topped? Wasn’t it something like $80 in 1990 dollars for Wing Commander with the voice pack sound effects thingy or whatever?

Oh please, this is such a dated argument.