600th Post!

Wow, my 600th Post! And I only joined in April 2003!

That’s 0.5 posts per day! Woot!

I must have the worst lurking to posting ratio around.

Only 14721 more posts and you’ll catch McCullough. So if he stops posting today (yeah, yeah, I know, but just go with me here…) and you keep posting at your current rate, you’ll pass him in around 2055.

You’ll be the toast of your nursing home!

You would be wrong, sir.

Isn’t that like saying that Area 51 is the most secret place in the world? If it was that secret how come just about anybody has heard about it? In the same way the best lurker has to be the guy that signed up early and never posted anything at all.

Congratulations, you have just under 4% of McCullough’s post count.

My vote is for Banzai. 0.06 posts per day, Baby!

Suck on that McCullough!

I have to post to check my count then someone else can tell me where I stand in the rankings?

Check here.

Anonymous would be king if it weren’t for McCullough’s OCD.

Quick…delete this thread before Koontz sees it!

0.09 posts per day. Not Banzai quality but still very respectable.

How is that a bad thing? The Koontz statistics were great.

No way, guys, the greetbot wins.

That would be funny if anyone knew who he was.

This is the post homeopathy thread, where dilution increases potency.

The only way to win is not to play.

They need to implement MMO conventions in forum software, so that you get “ding” animations when you reach certain postcounts, and you get to unlock certain abilities. Pornographic smilies… obnoxious animated gif avatars that induce epilepsy… sigs that can eventually become several hundred lines long… AoE killfiling of other posters… fun stuff like that. Right now I just don’t see the incentive to get to the next 1000.

Wasn’t there a time when Xpav was the greatest poster in qt3 history? Tyler was holding his own at one point right?

Anyway, congrats on 600. :)

Tyler was unstoppable until his family held some kind of Q23 intervention. Only they know what really went on during those dark days, but he’s never been quite the same.

It was waaaaaaay too much dead time at my job. Not that I did not enjoy my brief moment in the sun, McCullough wore me down. Oh and I cannot tolerate the P&R forums, so excusing myself from those “debates” put me out of the running. I still love all of you little people.

Yeah, ditto with me. Got a new job, the hours of trolling P&R were the first thing to go when I had more substantive work to do.