65 - Adam Driver versus the dinosaurs

It’s funny how sci-fi epics can seem either really cheesy flicks to make fun of, like a cheap horror film, or if things go right, really immersive classics. I can’t think of many movies in between those extremes.

For a couple of years, I used to think Aliens was of the first category. I walked in on group gatherings with people watching the movie, and the scenes and dialog seemed so cheesy to me. But then Alien 3 was about to come out, and we rented Alien and Aliens and watched it the night before, and they weren’t of the first category at all, but the second!

I don’t know, it just occurred to me that the genre, especially one where you fight a creature or creatures, is really on a tight rope. I bet an actor picking a role like this, just judging from a script can’t really tell which side of the line it’s going to fall under.

Sometimes they can be both, like Dark Star.

They are 65 million years in the past? So are they aliens from another planet who landed on Earth then? Or did they go through some kind of time warp?

Adam Driver is a terrible action hero. In the trailer he manages to let giant dinosaurs sneak up behind him. This one’s a miss for me.

Now we know why there aren’t any dinosaurs that look like plaster walls - because Adam punched them to death.

Yes, that is the concept.

My (yucky) plot twist prediction:

You find out in the end that the main characters are named Adam and Eve.

This looks fantastic!

This looks so dumb. I’ll probably see it.

I was thinking that too. :) I looked on IMDB and didn’t see character names for them, but maybe I overlooked that?

Of course it’s a stretch to say homo sapiens were fully developed and lasted as a species for 65 million years. I think I’m saying this is not a realistic movie!

Not sure how such flicks get made anymore but I love it. Seems like the effects and cinematography are better and costlier than TV but not enough so to make the extra cost back. I just don’t get the economics of this sort of film anymore. But I’m glad they’re making this even if Driver doesn’t seem to bring the action hero chops.

“From the writers of A Quiet Place”

That’s usually how - have a successful film franchise and you can do your own pet project a lot easier.

Love me some Adam Driver. Do I really wanna watch him fight a bunch of CG? Not really, but I’m gonna.

What do you guys know about the directors? I’ve never heard of 'em.

And Sam Raimi as a producer.

An undocumented asteroid?

So you’re saying it was illegal?

That’s just a dumb line. Space is vaaaaaaaaaaast. Just say it hit a damn asteroid.

So it clearly wasn’t an English rock in New York.

The biggest movie they directed previously was Haunt, a decent, but unsurprising, horror movie based on killers luring people into an “extreme” haunted house attraction on Halloween.

I disagree. In a world where space travel is fairly common, one can reasonably assume the trajectory of objects is tracked to make sure nothing is going to cause issues, space travel being very dangerous in particular. Having an asteroid nearby that manages to cross your path that was NOT accounted for would be noteworthy as well, to me.

I am almost certain that the plot twist is that him hitting that asteroid sent it on a collision path towards Earth and that is what killed the dinosaurs.

On of the quick cuts looks like asteroids heading to earth so crashed right before the extinction?