65 - Adam Driver versus the dinosaurs

Probably right. The first shot in the trailer makes it appear they’ll be there to witness that event.


I Care What You Do Tonight?

I C (see) What You Did There.

Well that looks terrific.

It’s a wasted opportunity… they should have used that money to make the future man ride the dinosaurs, to shoot other dinosaurs, with aliens on them.

Interviews with actors taking about how they knew something was going to break through and become a classic or cult favorite would be interesting. Like Alec Guinness with Star Wars.

Could have done without the random elephant trumpets, but it looks like fun to me!

Where in the Jurassic Park timeline does this take place?

Finally, the After Earth and Jurassic Park mashup we’ve all been asking for.

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Does that mean Will Smith + Sam Neill = Adam Driver?

Same with the “We’ve landed on an uncharted celestial body.” Look, if we’re translating alienese to English, just say “Planet.” I feel Earth is big enough, even in the cosmic sense, to qualify for planethood to any spacefaring race.

On the other hand he says “my ship was hit by an undocumented asteroid” and then this is the next shot in the trailer:


Which one of those was undocumented?

You know Notting Hill ruined me for sci-fi dialog in trailers. There’s the scene where Julia Roberts is practicing her lines for a sci-fi film with Hugh Grant and it sounds utterly ridiculous. And now, out of context, all sci-fi dialog mostly sounds dumb to me. Not even Adam Driver can save it.

If these two turn out to be the progenitors of humanity 65 million years ago, I will throw up in my mouth. Humanity’s actual progenitors from the Jurassic probably looked like this:


And what catastrophe stripped the feathers from those poor therapods that attack them in the trailer?

I dunno, that could pass for Adam Driver easily enough.

All of them. He was hit by one of the undocumented asteroids in the undocumented asteroid field someone fucked up and didn’t notice would be on his flight path.

Well, the latest super short trailer that popped up while I was scrolling thru TikTok (no judging!!!) straight out said this is humans discovering earth 65 million years ago. It was already kinda obvious but I don’t think they’d confined it previously in trailers.

So humans stayed 65 million years ago, devolved, and then evolved again?

No, you’re dumb!

Nah. The planet was flagged as highly dangerous and they were worried about the dinosaurs evolving, so they decided to bombard the planet and wipe them out. In fact, you can find the impact crater in Mexico!

And then later they came back and colonized and lost technology or something, I dunno.

All of this has happened before, and will happen again.