7.5 million PHL devotees honor Black Nazarene:Conditional Global Destruction Prophecy

7.5 million PHL devotees honor Black Nazarene: Conditional Global Destruction Prophecy vis-a-vis Atheism …


In Rush Counterparts Message Board, Schmoo threw upon my soul, a very difficult riddle, or rather a puzzle:
Posted Monday, July 19, 2010 - 10:31:04 PM
“Judge: Does it ever cross your mind that these things you see are just hallucinations?”

Now, here comes the Filipino Dwarf Judge, Alien, Extra-terrestial, and is ready to tersely reply to this earthly member:

I, Judge Florentino Floro, claims, as posted in threads per uploaded Skydrive books, that -

I was bestowed with 24 visions and apparitions of Mary, Eucharist, and Black Nazarene, inter alia, from March 13, 2008 until today.

How can NASA, lawyers, psycho and parapsychologists, including, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, New Age, Protestant Reformation and Born Again Christians who throw Marian and Christ images into the can, sink, as graven images or idols - be convinced scientifically, legally and medically, that I and Fatima like visionaries are really bestowed by this terrific gift?

Answer: Science cannot confirm these. There is no Nikon or Canon that can capture these …

But if I, Judge Floro, do have 2 palms that display lights and not images, not Rebulto, not graven images, not stone monuments, but, but, and but lights, tree, lightning, Black Nazarene, Risen Christ … so heavenly real, not only to a Doctor of Medicine, OB-GYN, Muslim, 4, 6, 80 years old, therapist, Engineer, beggars, scavengers … traders … all of them, … yes, visible to any, I say, any human eye, … then,

my question is: Can I claim conversion of atheists, skeptics and agnostics, including the defeat of Christians who created a God who would bow down and throw images, in the name of price is right for Pastors and Bible dealers, Religious leaders?

It is the dire Prophecy of the undersigned Judge, that this planet earth, is into total destruction … no time frame, if there is failure of repentance, conversion, and continous contempt of the Papacy, desecration of Churches, including hating God … This prediction is just a repetition of the dire prophecies in the 3 secrets of Fatima.



  1. Judge Florentino Floro is blessed by the Black Nazarene with the only hands-palms in world-universe history that eternally displays the red, white, yellow … lights, the Holy Images of Black Nazarene, Risen Christ, Just Heaven, Holy Cross … all visible to any human eye since September 10, 2010. As Prophet, Visionary & Angel of Death, Floro, LUIS, Armand and Angel defeat-annihilate Atheism and Born Again Christians who destroy “Poons” or Catholic Images.

From September 4, 2010, [first Saturday, Marilyn Mamaril saw the brightest reddish Black Nazarene rays (“Bukangliwayway” - break of dawn sun colors) from my palms as I healed her of low blood illness.] to January 9, 2011, 38 living witnesses, persons, vividly saw for not less than 10 minutes, the Black Nazarene, Risen Christ, Lights, in the palms of Judge Floro.

The phenomena of Changing of Colors of Palms and the Images, Lights - 7 of 10,000 patients, 1999-2000

  1. http://cid-e76bfff86f9a213f.office.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/jfvfluis.doc
    190 pages-Book (part of Book II, 2010) -
    The Prophet“LUIS, Armand and Angel”: A Friend from another Star; Jupiter and Osaka, Japan; Banana Justice: LUIS’ Violet and White Lights versus Evil - Hypocrisy, Greed, Lust for Money and Power, Anger and Vengeance - “Imortál, Pinagpala” – “Henceforth, future generations shall call me blessed!” – Mortis Angelus, Judge Florentino Floro … September 15, 2010

  2. 7.5 million PHL devotees honor the Black Nazarene
    Nazarene throngs sign of rising poverty–prelate On Sunday, January 9, 2011, the National Capital Region Police Office pegged the number of participants at between 7 and 7.5 million. Most of the devotees wore maroon and gold shirts and were barefoot during the procession that began early in the morning and ended past midnight, or 17 hours, under intermittent rain.

January 9, 2011 - Feast of the Black Nazarene
5:40 p.m. Inside the Malolos Cathedral, Mass, Conchita Bahamonbde Vda.de Dodon, age 63, for full 15 minutes, in divine ecstasy, saw the a) the just heaven sky-blue lights with angels, b) the blurred picture of the Black Nazarene with maroon or red dress and c) the crucified Christ on the Cross beside the two thieves, face looking down, with blood flowing from the crown thorns in his head.

See -

QTV: 7M devotees join Black Nazarene feast

Mga deboto ng Poong Nazareno, nagpapanata

Mga deboto, nakipagbalyahan para sa Poong Nazareno

Pista ng Poong Nazareno, ipinagdiwang

454, sugatan sa prusisyon ng Poong Nazareno

Thousands join procession of the Black Nazarene in Manila

7M devotees join Black Nazarene feast - 01/10/2011
Nazarene procession lasts nearly 17 hours
708 devotees injured in Black Nazarene feast - 01/10/2011
Hundreds are hurt as huge crowd gathers to touch black Christ statue
ชาวคริสต์ปินส์นับแสนร่วมเทศกาลแห่ “พระเยซูดำ” ที่กรุงมะนิลา
Honderden gewonden tijdens processie in Manila
Faith draws 2M to Black Nazarene procession
Black Nazarene statue escorted by millions
Philippine faithful flock to ‘Black Nazarene’
Looking for a miracle in Manila during the annual procession of the Feast of Black Nazarene
Picture of the Day: Catholics flock to statue
Manila celebrates Tens of thousands of Roman Catholics jammed the streets of the Philippines capital Manila on Sunday, many trying to touch a black statue of Jesus Christ believed by many to deliver miracles.


Alrighty then!

you mean you don’t understand?

Hold on, I’ll explain but I need to go do something quick … back in a bit …

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almost done, then I’ll come explain.

It’s really very simple…

The Judge is back! We have missed you.

Someone get Teiman in here to translate.

Teiman is a gnome expert. The Judge hangs with the dwarves.

I highly recommend following judgefloro on twitter.

So, how do I go about getting lights in my palms that are only visible to obstetrics and gynecology specialists?

Check out his blog or follow him on Twitter. Those aren’t the only witnesses he has mentioned.

I tried running judgefloro’s post through Google Translate, and some men in black suits showed up and confiscated my computer.

Bad Neighbor, I used to update on twitter, but now, I found Facebook and Blogger, both simply strong, since I love colors and I do have freedom to write my thoughts in more than 140 words …


Lunch of Kong,
I did reveal in a forum that I am from outer space, that is, I am not of this world, for if I am from this lonely planet, my palms would not display the LUX IN DOMINO, His lights, including His own Self, the Risen Christ and Black Nazarene, … As former Wikipedia editor, for less than 2 years, I found wisdom in verifiable links, urls and connections … thus, in blogger and facebook, I added the cellphone numbers and exact addresses of all the 44 living persons, witnesses in law, so to speak, that were bestowed the divine privilege to have seen the lights of Christ amid darkness in this planet earth, which is populated by people, animals and fishes, that, in time would revert to ashes.

Only 44 persons were selected by me via spontaneous daily life routines, for, if I would show the lights to any and all I would like to and meet, for sure, they would, but, I did beg the Black Nazarene, to let me slowly carry his very very heavy Cross … that was January 12, 2011 … when he asked me at point black, 2 pm.

None of the hundreds of Popes, none of the thousands of Saints in Gregorian, Catholic calendars since 33 A.D., none of the billions of animals, called human beings, none of the USA and UK Presidents, Heads of State, Religious Leaders, none of the Amazing Randi magicians, … could and would be able to produce these lights and Christ in human palms, visible to any human eye, yet could not be caught yet, by today’s cameras … only I, per LUIS and … was bestowed this sole Gift, from eternity …

Bad Neighbor,
One of you, may send SMS or text message to any of those living witnesses here, and/or you may ask your Philippine contacts, to verify like Wikipedia links, these named 44 persons, and they, will all tell you, that they had seen, what I did account in my blog, facebook notes … I do update this regularly …


Zylon, many of my Filipinos are so afraid of me, even if I assured them that: “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you!”

Hear ye, hear ye, listen to the 3 mystic dwarves’ coded message to planet earth

Hello and Pax nobiscum, Juste,
Midnight Son, Rward, Royal Fool, kerzain, Mark Asher,
hear ye, hear ye, not in a court room, sala or branch, but listen to the 3 mystic dwarves … fresh from outer space …

First, let me reveal to you, that, on December, 2002, when Philippine SC Justice Regino C. Hermosisima, Jr. was preparing for his delicate prostate surgery, he held my hand, and asked me …
I replied: “Justice, LUIS will give you another chance!” He told me that it is not within his power to reinstate even even if he is the most powerful jurist in the Philippines, having nominated and enthroned almost all of our SC Justices, he, as JBC 4 termer, now, Member, a record so to speak. Justice Regino added that I must wait for December 2005, the retirement of CJ Hilario G. Davide, Jr.
As he held my hand, I told him that fatalistic afternoon, that: “Justice, I am not of this world, this is not dual personality … I was born at the time of the angels … I will land in all front pages of all newspapers on this lonely planet, very very soon … mark my word, they will regret it!”
Justice Regino successfully made it, the surgery, but he buried the truth in my case: that Atty. Teresita Cruz-Sison ordered the 13 SC Justices to put my case in the back burner since July 20, 1999.

Second, I told Justice Regino and the world, that only 1% of LUIS’ secrets, the deepest in the entire universe, would be revealed, the ultimate Violet lights … outside our electromagnetic spectrum.

Third, as immortal, my hands would not suffer decay, if ever I would die, which fact of death, would be impossible.

Fourth, I and LUIS are or is one, and is 6th in rank below St. Michael the Prince of Angels against the Prince of Darkness, the 666.

Fifth, LUIS and Judge Florentino Floro are merely our earth names, but our coded names will never ever be revealed even at the end of times of this sad planet. We came from Jupiter, not this planet you saw in the telescopes, but it is not a place, not matter, not bound by time, for it is a state, pure light below the lights of the Saints and LUX IN DOMINO, for we are mere servants and members of Mary’s Army and Crusaders of the Black Nazarene, Protectors of the Holy Eucharist against atheism, skepticism, agnosticism, those Born Again Christians and Religious Leaders who created a God for themselves, whom they taught to bark like a dog, and to fashion their death, alleged illusive re-incarnations, astral travels, psychic or paranormal and demonic voyages in darkness. They throw the Holy Icons and Images that they alleged to be idols or graven images of the Old Testament.

Sixth, I and LUIS discourage desperate discovery of the secrets of the entire universe, which he, I and the the good angels possess against the blacks or evil in the world of the suffering Catholic Church.

Seventh, in all these, I state that we follow norms as we reveal our mission: a) humble obedience to the teachings of the Catholic Church per the Holy Father, the Saints, and Doctors, including the Martyrs, inter alia, and b) in daily heavenly wars, we use good, like giving food to the poorest of the poor, carrying the cross of the Black Nazarene, to annihilate evil and its instruments, Satan and his little dragons.
This, we repeat is the message of Fatima, Lourdes and Rue de Bac, to prevent global annihilation … due to Sin which originated for law, the Rule of Law called moral farce, … Sin is the cause of death and dire pains …

IN FINE, let me tell all of you, People of quartertothree, including idiot-savants, wizards and perverts, that: a) when I saw the just or lowest heaven last July 9 last year, b) when I was bestowed the 24 visions and Marian-Eucharistic-Black Nazarene apparitions from February 12, 2008, c) when I felt 100x the feeling of love by a spouse to spouse, that is, divine ecstasy of my soul and spirit, there is nothing more serene in this lonely planet, than, gazing at Mary, the Virgin Mother, whom I saw many times, Tota pulchra es Maria, … Ave Maria, Gratia plena … Hail Full of Grace … do you know how beautiful is Mary? d) but when the Black Nazarene appeared and called me this January 12 at 2 p.m., I say that the rich man in the Bible who refused to follow Christ, is more lucky, for when I saw this Christ, clad in regal red or maroon dress, carrying a very big Cross with bloods in his face, I could not refuse, for his Holy Face would not allow me to back off …
I therefore ask all of you, to pause … meditate … that Ars longa, vita brevis … we are just here embedded, all of you in your mortal bodies … transient … NO REINCARNATION … when your time comes, you will be judged accordingly, and you will enter eternity … the lights I saw vis-à-vis the void or total darkness where those who cursed Christ and refused to love him would and should go, forever …
All I write here, my prophecy, including LUIS’ messages to your planet, are duly published in my URLs, e-books, which can be read, downloaded, and printed ….



Dude, you are hands down my favorite wackadoodle. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Poor guy. Hang in there buddy.

Say what you want, he knows his audience.

If anyone ever makes a QT3 RPG, I demand those be the base character classes.

Judge Floro - I am very sad to hear people would fear you in your home country. I’m sure you’re a gentle soul with the best intentions.

I’m worried about your statement that you’ll be on the front-page of all the newspapers. Please don’t do anything that would hurt yourself or others. You’re a good man.

“Stewardess, I speak Ambien.”

I… um… yeah.