7 amazing cheat codes you never knew existed!

Title 7 amazing cheat codes you never knew existed!
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Features
When August 28, 2014

As long as there has been games, there have been cheat codes. Whether it's a programming tool left in by the original creators or a secret meant for some overzealous fan to find, cheats are still as popular as ever..

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I demand more McMaster podcasts now...dammit!

Ahhh... Station Agent. I get it.


Where do we upload our PS camera footage? I'm pretty sure the PS4 flinched but it keeps telling me it did no such thing and we need a third party to settle the argument.

Peter Dinklage, presumably. Good flick.

I believe that's a new feature coming to the PS4 soon. Should be released along with the Playstation Halo bundle.

Yeah, I was trying to find a good Dinklage reference and that was my favorite. Though I do like 30 Rock, not a huge fan of Knights of Badassdom. Station Agent, however, is an excellent movie.

A wild McMaster appears!

"there [have] been games"
"1, 476 seconds" (extra space?)
"Guitar [H]ero: Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band"