7 days to die


Here are a few more Roland quotes that may be of interest:


and an interesting update re: Console Versions and Telltale (emphasis mine for the gist)



some farm info:


Well, if all is true they must be getting close to a release, as the end of the year is nigh…his latest quote is “less than 40 days”.

Here is some more info from the Roland thread:


And rumors are starting to come out that the game may be in streamers hands this weekend:


Have they done that before, just released it to the streamers ahead of everyone else?


It was the idea they had the last time they were going to release in July - first to the streamers and then the general public later. I suspect this is like a “test” mixed with marketing. I know of at least one other game taking this approach as well.


Good to know. It seems odd for a game that’s been out so long, but I’ll try to keep my excitement low then until the rest of us might soon get access.


Yeah, but from past history the one thing you are almost always guaranteed with these guys is that it is a brand new game with every major release. Previous mechanics are often thrown out the window as new ones are brought in. So for good or for ill, it is a new game every time.

A vocal sentiment from the public seems to be they are growing weary of this - but at the same time they are craving something “new”. Supposedly the “final infrastructure” will be in place with this release. It is all a speculative crap shoot.


in your hands on the 19th…


EDIT: The top of that linked thread also shows the referred-to Streamers List

Further EDIT: The ‘e’ in A17-e is ‘experimental’ - meaning it is not on the default Steam branch.


Well that sucks. I guess streamers get the weekend and no one else does. I don’t watch streamers. I don’t play game to watch other people play them.


I seen a little bit of the streams, and I suspect the experimental branch will be accessible Monday based on the level of bugs I have seen. One of the bugs I have seen is that some of the new buildings are slightly unstable. But the can be part of the immersion. ;>

This video goes over some of the new vehicles, slight weapons modifications, and some building blocks and some other changes


Whelp we’re on experimental now. My group tiny group couldn’t wait and whoa… the performance is noticeable. I’m hosting and dear god the delay between when you enter an area and then the zombies show up. I thought I was just not waiting long enough or maybe missing things but the zombies were actually dropping on top of me. I’ve seen others comment on it so it wasn’t just me… also, dogs everywhere. I really don’t like that.


Yeah, I would not be bold enough to try this branch online. Easy setup for heartbreak until they get the kinks out.

I have been doing some single player in Navagene, and it took me a while to get the rhythm of using bandages to replenish health max, then replenishing stamina/health with food. Always bandage before eating evidently.

Still struggling through the perk trees, but I think they actually flow decently. It is actually good to not have to loot zombies, and when they do drop a bag it is really good for you, especially early in the game. The way experience works now killing Zs is the best way to advance quickly.

Killing zombies using the big hit via melee seems pretty easy. I am sure on the server this is troublesome as lag would screw up your timing, but definitely in SP the level 1 wooden club is effective, as is the iron reinforce. Specing those perks help as well. I do not understand the “melee is hard” crowd, except to figure they are running online - and the bow is probably better online.

The Z AI is better, these changes are long over due. It still needs more variety though, as wandering hoards all make a conga line for you and this makes for an efficient XP farm. They really need to spread out in these cases. But digging down, jumping, climbing, destroying is better. Spiders can leap like a frog now, and at quite a distance. Really dangerous.

The POIs are definitely more challenging. I am beginning to loath the light technique to guide you linearly though every one. ruins the immersion. This should have been used sparingly. Some of these really need to just be buildings with self discovery instead of ‘let’s play Half-Life’…


It wasn’t my idea. My small team wanted to do it so I consented. I try to be flexible, but man the noises and the fact they eat through bricks now… it’s like I said, a group wanted it harder to so it feels like they changed everything. I think we just wanted a slight uptick and options… but of course they did this.

I was trying to figure that out myself. I don’t have a lot of chances to do either though… if I get caught I am usually just dead cause it’s a lot of them and the freaking wolves and dogs!

I miss doing really effective headshots so yeah clubbing it up these days too.

Do you mean the eyeball thing? I preferred they either see me or they don’t but in MP it doesn’t matter. If one of our group is hopping around like a monkey well they’ll tear the base from under us in no time. Some of the mechanics just don’t make sense

A recipe for boiling an egg, grilling… come on. These are not two year old scavengers and even cave men figure this stuff out. You don’t need to be trained in order to eat. Schematics seem to be asking for perks that are not actually there… can’t use them. Flesh and blood, even zombies, pushing through a brick wall, solo.


I butchered these fairly simple tasks in my neophyte days. Do not underestimate the ability of young men to kill perfectly good food. Even boiling water recipe is … somewhat reasonable :)


Heh, technically I guess it’s a perk maybe not a recipe, but still!

I bet if you had zombies hunting you and you somehow survived some sort of mass destruction of the human race you would be one of the ones to have figured how to eat an egg.

So what did you do anyway, stick an egg in a microwave and watch it explode?


I was/am a nerd, not a jock, jeezus.

No, it was more along the lines of “hard boiled =/= poached” and “are egg yolks supposed to be this grey and crumbly?”


You told me not to underestimate!


The eyeball thing is the percentage you will be seen by a zombie near you while you are sneaking. 0 being low chance. That’s why when you do stuff in the crouch it goes up.

Regarding the lights, I was talking about the buildings. Almost every building it seems now has lights “pointing the way” that you are intended to travel through the structure. Like the way things were in A16 with the towers (torch by a door or hole), except a great deal more now.