7 days to die


It wasn’t my idea. My small team wanted to do it so I consented. I try to be flexible, but man the noises and the fact they eat through bricks now… it’s like I said, a group wanted it harder to so it feels like they changed everything. I think we just wanted a slight uptick and options… but of course they did this.

I was trying to figure that out myself. I don’t have a lot of chances to do either though… if I get caught I am usually just dead cause it’s a lot of them and the freaking wolves and dogs!

I miss doing really effective headshots so yeah clubbing it up these days too.

Do you mean the eyeball thing? I preferred they either see me or they don’t but in MP it doesn’t matter. If one of our group is hopping around like a monkey well they’ll tear the base from under us in no time. Some of the mechanics just don’t make sense

A recipe for boiling an egg, grilling… come on. These are not two year old scavengers and even cave men figure this stuff out. You don’t need to be trained in order to eat. Schematics seem to be asking for perks that are not actually there… can’t use them. Flesh and blood, even zombies, pushing through a brick wall, solo.


I butchered these fairly simple tasks in my neophyte days. Do not underestimate the ability of young men to kill perfectly good food. Even boiling water recipe is … somewhat reasonable :)


Heh, technically I guess it’s a perk maybe not a recipe, but still!

I bet if you had zombies hunting you and you somehow survived some sort of mass destruction of the human race you would be one of the ones to have figured how to eat an egg.

So what did you do anyway, stick an egg in a microwave and watch it explode?


I was/am a nerd, not a jock, jeezus.

No, it was more along the lines of “hard boiled =/= poached” and “are egg yolks supposed to be this grey and crumbly?”


You told me not to underestimate!


The eyeball thing is the percentage you will be seen by a zombie near you while you are sneaking. 0 being low chance. That’s why when you do stuff in the crouch it goes up.

Regarding the lights, I was talking about the buildings. Almost every building it seems now has lights “pointing the way” that you are intended to travel through the structure. Like the way things were in A16 with the towers (torch by a door or hole), except a great deal more now.


Emphasis, mine.

A17 b238

We don’t want incompatibility bugs with previous builds so please remember to start a new game with each experimental update.


  • AI path jump costs vary with height
  • Sleeper volume padding of .9 in xz for when passive is disabled
  • Vehicle support for multiple lights, brightness is in xml


  • Increased base player noise by 50%
  • Increased perk FromTheShadows noise reduction and gives 15/25 for levels 1 and 2

Boiled eggs do not need master chef cook to make

  • Repair kits only need 2 mech parts instead of 5
  • Attribute levels cost fewer points to buy and are not level gated
  • Some advanced crafting perks have a player level requirement
  • Limited rubble buildings in industrial areas
  • Added medicalPileSmall, cntAmmoPileSmall to “hidden loot” in prefabs
  • Traders pay less for goods
  • Better barter nerfed by 5% on all tiers
  • Disabled texture streaming of atlases for CPU performance gains. Memory might go up slightly
  • Added springs to most firearm recipes and increased the costs of other components


  • Marksman rifle reload animation and sound
  • When cancelled, repair material is not refunded
  • Collapsed building sleepers will respawn in the air
  • Invalid water display on distant terrain dirt in RWG
  • Vehicles don’t have lights (brightened minibike and added 1 motorcycle and 2 4x4 headlights)
  • Scrap value on chairs
  • BuffShamChowder is functional
  • Wrong EconomicValue on AK47
  • NRE spam on bladetrap
  • PerkCardio description is wrong
  • ModMeleeClubBurningShaft does not decrease stealth
  • Crafted fiber clothes disappear while wearing other clothes
  • Two errors when player ragdolls
  • Players can’t die from thirst or hunger despite the description
  • Scopes can be installed on shotguns
  • Ak47 sell price was too high
  • Consumable item dupe
  • Logging out while crafting creates items without durability
  • Item not removed if entering character screen during use animation
  • Logging out while adding gas to auger makes a super auger
  • Invalidoperation exception when 4x4 explodes
  • Heavy Armor perk >2 prevents death while on bicycle
  • Vehicles taking damage multiple times
  • Vehicles could remain after destroyed in MP games
  • Left mouse button toggling isTurnTowardsLook when not on vehicle


Ugh. Another restart…

Also, seems like they changed the level-up/perk system again by removing the level gate from perks and increased the cost of attributes based on a scale like 1-3 = 1 pt, 4-6 = 2 pts, 7 = 3, and so on… Frankly, I preferred the old “usage” system but we’ll see how this goes.


I am kind of sick of the constant updates too but it is the unstable version, beta, whatever they call it. If you’re on the other build you can update less often … but I want vehicles!


It’s out on the main build now for everyone!



I haven’t played this since early alpha. Can you play this on your own map alone?


Yes. You can play it just like most survival games running solo client. Its alot like playing Minecraft solo but w/ Zombies and a sorta 7day tower defense mode…but without the follow thru of most tower defense though…


There are better games for solo, having sad that, they’ve added a lot and made it harder. If you enjoyed it before, I don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy now too.


Could you name a few of the better games for solo so I can check them out too? :)


Subnautica. No zombies, but a much more polished and cohesive solo survival/builder experience.


I don’t really do a lot of survival games because I don’t enjoy them alone, but some of the others have stories and things like endings. 7 Days, you just play til you die. There is nothing compelling you forward.

I heard The Forest, the Long Dark, Subnautica are good.Don’t Starve (I’ve played MP and SP on that one).

I think 7 Days is great for what it is. Don’t get me wrong there. I’ve been playing it off and on for a few years now. I jut think if someone asked for an SP game in the survival flavor, I’m not sure I would recommend it. I might say they could join our sporadic group but boy not only did some zombie spawn in a starter home, my start home! (they need to fix that), we were supposed to play last night and 2.5 hours later a toddler too excited for Christmas to go to sleep thrawted that attempt. heh.

I’m just saying that 7 Days is just a build and fight until you die game. Sure they added dungeons and vehicles and too many freaking vultures, but I’ve heard some of the other SP focused ones sprinkle in maybe a little more discovery or even a story of some sort.


I have all those. just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything :)


This game was updated? I heard it was abandoned. Maybe there is hope yet.


It certainly is not abandoned. something did happen though as there was a development hiccup this past year.

The console version is in definite limbo with the Telltale disaster, but the PC version is now at “A17” on their main branch…


Fundamentally, this is a fantastic game. It just still needs a lot of work.