7 days to die


I’ve messed around with that Mod. It has some nice things in it and a few that I don’t care for.


Here are some of the things that I have added to the server I rest.

  1. 10 new recipe books (Medicine, Explosives-Rare book, Concrete, Chemistry, Carpentry, Archery, Clay, Woodworking, Metallurgy-Rare Book and metalworking)
  2. 2 new weapon schematics (Hunting Rifle Schematic and Sniper Rifle Schematic)
  3. Removed all weapon molds and tied other weapon recipes to their default books.
  4. Removed large wood spike as they are way over powered. Only the small spikes are available for base defense.
  5. Increased animal flee speeds to make them run away faster when scared.
  6. Removed feathers from everything except nest and reduced their frequency.
  7. Removed the water requirement for boiled eggs. This makes eggs more valuable and since we require a cooking pot, we just assume that it has water in it.
  8. Removed the ability to craft the cooking pot and metal grill. If you want them, you need to find them.
  9. If you can 'harvest" an item, then it does not have a recipe other than the bed and sleeping bag.
  10. Added the safe cracking mechanism from the BTGB mod.
  11. Added numerous custom recipes.
  12. Modified many of the base recipes to be a bit more realistic. For example, you need plant fiber and sticks to make a ladder as well as plant fiber to make a camp fire.
  13. Removed the ability to make wood planks from the wood pieces found in the desert. It is still good for making wood clubs and for burning.
  14. Added sand and water to concrete recipe as they are used in real life.
  15. Added the ability to recycle cloth armor into cloth pieces. You get 1/2 of what the recipe requires.
  16. Added the ability to scrap weapons to get ammunition. You get a portion of what a full clip would contain or 1 bullet in the case of the hunting rifle and sniper rifle.
  17. Adjusted many recipe output values to reflect the cost of the raw materials.
  18. Added nails to many of the wood block recipes.
  19. Added a club upgrade system where the wood club is required to upgrade to the better clubs. Also made the better club recipes more realistic.
  20. Removed coal torches as they are not very realistic and we don’t need 3 torch recipes.
  21. Redid a large portion of the loot tables in the Loot.xml file.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I am constantly messing around trying to make the game more fun and balanced with each new build.


Those sound like rather extensive changes. Not sure I’d like them all without trying them first. I think you should post it up as a mod somewhere as the game really could use more balance/gameplay mods.



At the moment this is my favorite game and I have sunk 100+ hours in it by now, something I have not done in any game since Skyrim. I play this on my own server with friends only, unmodded, and we have a blast playing cooperatively, exploring the world and slowly discovering what is out there. That our base is almost 100% zombieproof at the moment is a plus, gives us the security to spread out and explore on the hunt for the augr or last sniper part.

There have been some interesting developments lately. Some of the smaller, more visual changes, can be seen on the Dev Blog. I especially look forward to the more extensive changes coming ot the weapon system that sound like it will move the game more into aa “RPG” frame and away from minecraft. It is a long list of changes for Alpha 11 that sound like they will turn the game upside down when it comes to weapons and really shake things up. Will also make it a lot harder from the sounds of it. madmole is also posting almost daily on the official forums, there is a lot of little infobits buried in there. I look forward to the changes but hope it wont destroy the survival crafting feel completely with the new leveled lists.


It is not hard at all to build invincible fortresses. The zombies have some real issues with any type of height, up or down. Even just hiding up in a house’s attic or high floor is near invincible as long as you cut the stairs/ladder and put a lip of wood frames around the edges to stop spiders. I’m hoping they change zombies so they attack up or down and some new special type zombies would be great. I know gore blocks are coming as well but I’m not sure those will be enough.

My favorite mod change is to tinker with policemen giving them increased health, more speed when charging, preferences to spit more and 3x power on their explosions.

A11 seems like it’ll be amazing. I’m mostly looking forward to controlling the random gen settings as I feel right now it’s mostly dead space. I’d like it to be more dense like Navezgane.


Super excited for the drivable minibike. I’ve been hoping for a better way to move long distances for a while now.


This game plays me like crack. Right now I am clean and sober but the new patch will probably suck me in.


I’m okay with that. I know it’s not what they intend, but as it is now, I feel I really need a solid way to keep zombies off my back for a bit so I can actually make some progress. There was an earlier build in which the zombies would just kamikaze at you relentlessly, blowing up building supports, and burrowing underground, and it was too brutal.


What build was that? I never remember seeing such aggressive zombies.


Really early on. Back when everything was still square blocks, including the ground.



Big improvements coming for Alpha 11.

  • Graphics upgrade with Unity 5.
  • 2 new zombies
  • New prefab locations
  • Cave system
  • New weapons


Looks like there is a turf war going on in the back. Some kind of zombie dance-off.


That just got the Thriller riff stuck in my head.


Alpha 11 is out. Huge list of changes.



Amazing update, but it’s extremely unstable for dedicated servers. :-(


It’s pretty shit on performance overall. They have some serious optimizing work to do on Alpha 11.


Wow, the early game is brutally hard now. The combat definitely got tilted towards using ranged weapons. No more stone axe as the go to starting weapon, you need a bow now.


I haven’t fired this up yet, but if melee nerfing goes across the board, it’s B.S. It wasn’t exactly like you could wade in a horde of zombies with your stone axe and expect to survive. Wonder if this change is due to “I played the game too much and now it’s easy” community feedback :(


Alpha 11 is really divisive. The graphical improvements thanks to Unity 5 are welcome, but the XP additions are, well… “Uneven” is the most charitable thing I can say about it. The way it works now is that crafting better gear is tied to your level. Crafting a weapon at low levels results in a fragile, low damage version. Crafting the same item when you’re a higher level makes a better tool. Unfortunately, combat (killing zeds) is the most efficient way to gain XP. Unlocking recipes and crafting something the first time gives decent XP, but normal crafting and gathering nets players almost none. This means that players interested in the building side of the game are kind of screwed.

I play with my husband, now to a certain extent he has always ‘carried me’ in combat im not great at FPS fighting type games but one of the things that made this game so great was the fact that it suited both of us. He could take charge of killing the Z’s I could focus on the building/survival making sure we had enough food/ammo etc.

Honestly im now really struggling in the game… I tend to ‘sneak about’ avoid combat and that has never been an issue before but it seems now that in order to level I need to kill z’s? So as more time goes by … even though I am doing 99% of the crafting, the items im making are going to be worse than the items he can make himself?

I noticed it right away when I played for a bit last night. The XP system rewards wanton killing over carefully avoiding zombies.


I think that’s OK, at least at this stage of development. It’s an alpha and a new system rolled out, so I would expect the community to be able to provide feedback on where the balance rests. Sounds like a system that’s just in serious need of tuning, rather than a fundamentally broken design (to me, anyway).

This isn’t directed at your post btw, Telefrog, but I’ve always found it interesting when games are labeled as alpha/in development and that customers are invited to come help test dev builds and help shape the game via their feedback… and then completely lose their shit when something is out of whack. I’m not talking about the constructive posts that are saying “Agh, you know, this really feels off and here is what I think needs to change.”. I’m talking about the “OMG THE DEVS HAVE RUINED THE GAME WITH THESE STUPID CHANGE I AM DONE WITH THIS GAME SERIOUSLY SCREW THESE GUYS LET ME GO WRITE A NEGATIVE REVIEW ON STEAM!!!” guys.