7 days to die


I PM’ed you the server info and password.


Grumble, mutter, it’s not released yet so I’m sure some of us will start playing it eventually! :D

*I do have 12 hours of dabbling in it since early access release, but hesitant to fully commit given the incomplete state.


I think I may have reached the 1100 hour mark with the game. I really like the modding aspect of it.



It has been a while since I played (about Feb). I always like coming back as the game is always different. I would like to give it a try.


I still play but on a public PVP server. The PVE aspect is too easy for me now.


I sent you a PM with the server info.


I hope someday they fix the damn minibike and leveled loot. All loot in multiplayer is stuck on lowest level even if you are max level. Minibikes aren’t that much faster, have bad turning radius and constantly disappear or fall through the world.


I must admit I have to question the decision to remove most aspects of mining except for the cave stuff. Not sure why you can’t have both. Digging underground is definitely a cool aspect of the game. Now, weaker tools and the prospect of almost no possibility of finding ores outside of caves makes it a non-starter. A lot of blocks are now wasted space.


You can re-enable ore everywhere via the xml. Not sure why it isn’t the default setting. Caves are easier and faster if you can find them still.


This went out to the original backers - the version 13 preview. It has the motion capture stuff in it!


What is with the frame rate in that video? It’s terrible.

Zombie animation looks about 100% better. The stagger they do after getting shot is really good looking.


Wow, I would have been excited just for the changes in the video. Adding sleeper zombies, a new GUI/HUD, and crafting system on top of that? Rad.


Love to see the work they’re still putting into this. Great looking stuff.


and the second part review for A13 - up grading blocks and…Zombie Dismemberment

‘Joel’ sounds like the Motel Six radio guy.


And here is another Alpha preview. They say they are “very close”

The preview is 40 minutes long! The interface looks like it has changed a great deal. Once again it is a new game. I think the video inadvertently shows how difficult the beginning of the game is, even for the developer who knows exactly what he needs. It looks like the hints of SP are beginning to build (edit: in the main menu)…if nothing else, SP should serve as a tutorial of what you need.


It really just highlights how they’ve turned this into another dull crafting game. The early alphas were ridiculously fun. Grab a shotgun out of the nearest car and you could start to fortify houses and wipe out zombies right away. I had tons of fun fights as zombies overran whatever house I was staying in and lots of fun building weird minecrafty fortresses.

Now it takes five minutes of game time craft a worthless stone axe and chop down a tree. Why do all these crafting games have to be such lifeless time sinks?

Then again, I’ll probably jump in and give it another show when this releases. I really want to love this game.


At least with Minecraft the art style allows you to suspend disbelief while punching rocks for resources. LOL.


This may be one of the aspects of an early available alpha - feedback comes mostly form those heavily into the game as they have had several YEARS of player feedback. Hard to take a clean perspective. Seen this with a few such titles.


I’m liking the direction and eager to try out the new build.


Well, hopefully they will make a few changes. Going through an entire stone axe without chopping a single tree down is pretty rough.