7 days to die


I’m a lot like you in that Minecraft never held my interest but that is a precursor that many people liken to this game.

Yes, At Day 21 you start to see the Ferals and the Cops with their vomit and it does become much more difficult. If you can manage it, it does pay to make better fortifications than most of what you find.

But my ‘go to’ by then if not Day 28 is to shore up a Police Station for horde nights. Block off the stairs and put an inner ‘lip’ around the interior courtyard. Make a few exit ladders from the top floor. You can hold out forever upstairs in one of those and pick off or blow up the horde at your leisure. It’s a little cheap but I sometimes don’t have much use for making my own fortress.

Yeah, I purposely avoided much chatter about it but you’re right; it’s much more important by about week 3 or 4. There are many other videos out there with ideas for fortresses and of course reinforced concrete and steel are the ways to go.

Day 35 and Day 42 are the worst and I think after 42, the day 49 horde resets to a humble Day 7 horde. So it seems to many like the game is meant to be ended after surviving Day 42. Of course you can continue as a sandbox exercise as long as you like.


Alpha 15 released for PC.


There is a lot of new stuff.

Navezgane world updates

New Distant Terrain feature renders terrain over 1 kilometer away.
Almost 2 square kilometers of new explorable space has been unlocked
New highly embellished height map with huge mountains in every biome
New giant desert canyon
Over 23 new locations have been added to Game most in both Navezgane and Random Gen[/quote]

  • Random Gen Worlds 3.0
  • Journal Tip System
  • NPC Trader and Economy System
  • Vending Machines
  • New Blood Moon Horde systems
  • Improved Farming
  • Chemistry Station
  • New UMA Zombies
  • Experience, Progression and Skill Changes
  • User created signs
  • Steam Achievement enabled
  • Lots of new recipes
  • Lots of new items
  • New block shapes


Awesome, will have to jump back in once again to have a peek - though likely there will be a hotfix or two first, as usual.

By which point they’ll be teasing A16 and I’ll be in two minds about playing or waiting for that! :)


Like clockwork… Alpha 16 preview, dammit! :P


You can pick this up for $9 at green man gaming right now, might need an account though as it is through VIP


Says out of stock now.


It’s back in stock now apparently if you are still interested.


I have a confession to make…I just surpassed 1100 hours on this game. It just seems like I always go back to this. I just really enjoy the atmosphere and the game play.

It was getting old for me, in that I grew tired of MP and played a few random gen maps…but then those became predictable. However, at the 7d2d site I found a prefab collection that has spiced it up for several SP replays. I do hardcore in that I play a SP till I lose.

The forum entry for it is here:



I picked this up a while ago but have been holding off playing. I follow the devs youtube channel and really like where the game is going. I just have to pick a time when I will jump in.


Our group started this game this weekend. All our machines are just painful with ARK, that should change though in a yearish. This runs well on our 4-5 year machines, removes the need for any dedicated server set-up, and for Alpha is in pretty good shape. I like the survival with zombies around and the every lasting goal of preparing for that horde. A couple of things bug me though.

Backpacks despawning… why? That’s just gamey and it feels forced. No one needs to eat as much as this game implies. I know the eat, drink and keep warm thing is big in survival but you’re not going to starve if you cooked an elk yesterday. Those are huge animals… it just seems odd to have this constant need to eat and drink all the time. And I don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature but… breaking a glass bottle to boil an egg… what?


It’s a pet peeve of mine with the genre and I remember really disliking it in this game in particular. I want to have to worry about food and water, but they take it to such extreme levels. I’m sorry, devs, but you’re not going to fall over and die if you don’t have a full meal every three hours.


Yeah, I agree with you on the food and water mechanic in this game.

I tried to give the game another shot the past week or two, but the food/water balance is what put me off the most. When I quit and was doing my best, I would spend most of the daytime trying to put together enough food and water to keep the levels sufficient and didn’t have time to do anything else. I understand I am not an expert at the game yet, but the various ways to get food and water, along with the very small amount they restore when you actually find some, just didn’t work for me.


And on top of the annoying constant need to shove food in your mouth in this genre, I also love food spoilage rates. So not only do you have to spend all your time getting food together, but then it’s hard to stockpile because your bread and tomatoes have a shelf life of 6 hours.

Instead of keeling over and dying, I’d like to to see lack of food and water give penalties. Stamina regenerate slowly, natural healing/regen no longer happens, etc. Maybe even your carrying capacity goes down. Then, over the course of a few days, you slowly start losing health and then you die.

Thankfully with the Conan game, they had a slider for hunger/thirst as well as decay rate, so I was able to tweak it so that food/water was still a consideration but I could actually go (provisioned) on an expedition for the day and not die by noon. Does 7 Days to Die have settings for those things as well?


You can change all that in the game I believe. At least you could because I slowed hunger thirst and spoilage down on my server. But that was a few month back.


Thanks, that’s good to know. I haven’t played since… Alpha 7 or something like that. It’s been a long time. Having the hunger be adjustable is something that’s become a requirement for me in this genre, so I’m glad they have it. I’ve been planning on going back once it was closer to release.


It’s fine if we can control the mechanics but the mechanics don’t make any sense. I know, I know it’s a zombie game but I just killed an Elk, that’s a huge animal, like enough to feed a family for weeks… and then the pig. You can eat 20 ears of corn in one day and starve… it’s nuts. It’s not based on reality at all. This isn’t a problem completely unique to 7 days but why do the devs in all these games think it’s realistic to have someone eat 20 times a day?

There’s a fine line between worrying about food, water and shelter plus all these other fantasy things, and then there’s whatever these devs are smoking.


I think they especially drop the ball when it comes to new players. What I mean is, the numbers seem to be tuned for a veteran starting a new game and knowing the most efficient way to harvest food and progress through the game. Meanwhile, as a new player, you’re fumbling about with the UI and taking a long time just figuring out how the game works. Then you starve and die because you missed your midnight snack after eating 30 pounds of food the day before. :)


I must have missed the movies they were watching, you know the part where they find a supermarket with a box of snickers in it and the guy with the shotgun tells everyone to hold up while he eats the ENTIRE box to get his belly to full stats. Meanwhile Wood Harrilsonfinds a truck of Snowballs and while the kid eats one he can’t be bothered, the cut the scene of the guy throwing up his box of snickers by the tree since no human is going to keep that down and huff it across a freeway.

Just kidding, I don’t watch horror movies.


Alpha 16 is out on Steam for everyone.



wow 3.5 years since launch and still in Alpha. This is why I quit playing this game. The developers don’t know how to finish.