7 days to die


lot of interesting updates.


As someone who last played this game on my 386, are there some things in particular that jump out at you? I don’t really have any context for the patch notes.


the electrical system, new locations and the random world generator.


I’m lame because I’m excited for the full gamepad/controller support.


Daycare? They didn’t add zombie kids and babies right. I really don’t care for that kind of stuff in my games. If they start doing that, I need a way to turn off certain zombies on the server.


AFAIK the daycare mentioned is just a POI location. No zombie kids are in the game.


That’s a relief. Thank you.


Then you have missed out on a lot of great builds. I don’t think they are interested in finishing. but they definitely continue to do good stuff and imho it is a really amazing game…

The far distance rendering and new town stuff really adds to the game. Don’t know about electricity, as that seems like an end game thing and I don’t see it as useful. Sleeper zombies does add something, but when I played the experimental they seemed very easy to sneak up on.


As an asshole hypocrite, I don’t have a problem with 7DtD never finishing, as long as they keep adding significant updates, but I will piss on Project Zomboid, because the never finish.

(Loading up 7DtD)…


Call it an “alpha” or slap a “1.0” on it. It really doesn’t matter to me. The game has been playable and substantive for a few builds.

I liken it to Minecraft. The 1.0 launch was just an arbitrary point. The game continues to receive updates and support and that’s even after another company bought it.


AFAIC 7DtD has been more or less “feature complete” to me for yeah, the last couple of builds.

The new “Alpha” is practically a DLC, although I’m not happy with piggies being transformed into boars. Pig meat was one of my primary food sources :(


The only reason I prefer a game to get to v. 1.0 is because at that point, it seems like it’s not going to drastically change. I know we have Paradox out there that will throw their games upside down for a ton of DLC, but for the most part… when a game hits v 1.0, it just feels stabilized. I don’t mean in the optimized not buggy sense or even the no new content sense, but if you don’t have a user interface to say turn on and off hazards and mobs like Don’t Starve Together has by then, I expect the game not to ever get it. Maybe one day it will and that would be nice, but if it doesn’t have it at launch, it’s reasonable to say this is not something the game offers.

I’m worried 7tD is just going to cater to the hey it’s too easy group, when really what I’d like is just more option to make it hard or not as hard in some areas. They’re kind of doing that now, a little bit. If they ever throw in zombie kids, I need to be able to turn that off.


If they’re adding new things they are correct to call it an Alpha. No one uses it correctly these days it seems. :)

But yeah, calling it a feature complete Beta and then working on an expansion/DLC with new features would be a pretty great idea for them too. :)


Discussed many times before (including discussions about this game), and not an unwarranted fear. It’s a very real thing with these never-ending developments.

I was pleased to see in the patch notes, however, details on modifying the game’s XML files to juice up or tone down number of zombie spawns per event, etc. etc.

It appears that if you wanted to set up your “no I don’t want to be ass-raped because I am not l33t h4rdcor3” server, it’s very possible. And this is a very good thing.


This is my main grief. I’ve played over 300 hours and I’m tired of learning new inventory systems, new ways to level, clothing options to stay hot/cold, etc. I just want a game I can play that won’t change drastically where I feel like I have to relearn it all over again.


And this is why i said in EA games especially it’s possible to put 100s even thousands of hours into a game and not like the final version of it. Well i didn’t say it here but this game keeps changing, some for the better, some for the players are bored and let’s make it ultra hard. Now I’d prefer GUI over manipulating XML files, but if they allow me to alter settings to make the game more to my liking, then fine keep adding killer vultures.


There’s a prefab pack that I would recommend for those looking for more variety in their buildings. It has not been updated for A16 proper yet, but I suspect it will be soon if you keep an eye on the OP of this thread:


Exploring the new buildings has been a great deal of fun. Some pretty cool stuff.


Haven’t had a chance to play the stable version, but in tinkering with the experimental A16s I really enjoyed the death of spam crafting. I did not enjoy being perpetually short of wood, or being ambushed by packs of no-warning zombie dogs, but hey, it is the zombie apocalypse.

Also, the far-distance rending is amazing. Loving the POI additions in random too.


The one thing I am definitely disappointed with is they deferred the bread crumbs stuff to A17. Hopefully the zombies will get an AI boost then.


Well the dev cycle has slowed significantly here. Though there are several madmole updates.

But I am posting here to show you this: