7 days to die


Little surprised to find that this had something over 3M copies sold, iirc?

It’s now been over half a year since A16 and over 4 months since the last build…I really want these guys to build a finished game, but i am getting really tired of waiting. 4 years + in alpha? I guess DayZ is still worse…


I personally don’t think this game will ever be finished. They may stop work at some point, but it will never be done. The ideas seem to change so much.

Early branches of A16 were out in June and the full A16 in July, so it really has actually been close to a year since a major release, so it has definitely slowed down in that regard. The “madmole” you tube account has several updates about 17, but I don’t think there is a when yet. Looks like new vehicles are a deal for 17. Have not watched close enough to see what else they have going that is substantial, though I think there are roaming traders. Oh yes, they are adding textures so you can visually tell if cabinets have already been searched. Probably a lot more.

I am definitely at the point where I have gotten all I could out of 16. It was a nice release, and this game seems to reinvent itself with each release. So hopefully 17 will happen at some point.


So 7d2d is getting close to “A17”. Was slated for end of June, but they pushed that back a month.


so perhaps next month.


Again, as a long time follower of /r/7DtD, I will believe it when I see it. And the game’s x.00 releases are always broken, anyway.

I am hoping there is good things coming from the new Unity core, though.


Yeah, I find a good rule of thumb is to not play the first two weeks of release. It seems to stabilize after that.


If you have not been keeping up with the drama, A17 was delayed until “Early August”.

In mid-july, they posted a Steam announcement that they had a new video. This caused a bit of a stir when it was realized the video had been released a month prior. (It was not “new”)

With that August time frame having come and gone, the “Madmole” posted a new “Day 1” video, which is pretty bad, as it seems he is quite distracted, disintrested and does not have much good to talk about. It is revealed in the video that the starting backpack is limited to three rows (up to 5 with perks) and the decision was made that there will not be Zombie looting.

The no-zombie looting, coupled with the delay has caused a great stir and all sorts of drama posts, including accusations that he never plays the game, etc.

The thread was ultimately locked up, and has now been deleted (They have been doing a lot of moderation the past few days), but one interesting info tidbit from Madmole was revealed and that was that there may be no A18, most likely they will be moving towards “Full Release” after A17 is out.


It’s a shame. 7DtD has always been one good balance and bug fix pass away from being a decent survival-zombie sim, but its protracted development has resulted in constant, unnecessary change and instability. TFP are probably ready just to do a throw-up-your-hands “DF9 1.0” release.


Yes I will be very sad if this is how it ends.


Well that’s too bad. No zombie loot… wth?


Ugh I really enjoy 7-days. Been waiting for the next update to play again. Either one of those changes could result in an empty spot on my hard drive. If I’ve gotta trek halfway across the map to work on looting a town and I can hardly carry anything back? Half of my fun is gone. That surprise bit of loot that you get after fighting off a horde? No? Take away my carrot and I’m probably gonna stop walking.


Hmmm did some reading. It looks like the no zombie looting thing could work. IF they are jsut making them not work like containers anymore. If they just drop a backpack instead I could live with that. Depends highly on what is in those packs.


In the video he says at some point the drops would be “rare”, and would not contain the normal scavenge trash. He does not get a singe drop the entire hour video, I think people like their trash collecting.

I would not be surprised if this changes.


At this point, maybe they should just make some of these changes… option. I mean seriously just have a sever UI that allows the kids that want it to be harder to make it harder. Removing the random drops isn’t really about making it harder or not for me. I would just be less fun.

I’d also like them to fix some of the problem… like there is a memory issue of some kind with either the garden or the base, maybe it’s both. What about the drowning on land? If this is about making the game harder, there are already ways to do that.


And the review bombs are beginning to land.

Game has dropped from Very Positive to Mixed. But with over 2 million copies sold, I think that cow has already left the barn.


Not really. It’s not released yet. people who are avoiding EA can still respond.


Lol. I just realized it has been five years EA this month.


EA means whatever the devs want it to mean. Right now, they changed the game that’s not popular and they’re going get reviewed like that. They sold a lot already but here’s what I do with the few EA titles I buy… if they screw it up badly enough, not only will I not support their next EA title, I’ll have no reason to look at any of their titles again. There are too many games out there, good ones, to have to deal with a dev that does stuff like this again.

I would just like them to put more options in their game. If some want loot on zombies, then let them have it, if others don’t, have that option too.


I agree loot should be adjustable. Make it as hard or as easy as you want. Maybe some folks want every zombie they take out to have a pocket full of ammo, a can of Sham, and a beer on them. :)


And if they’re going to have fun doing that, who cares? I figure most games I am middle of the road in terms of what I want for difficulty or challenge, maybe lower middle. My goal is fun not stats or damage count or bragging rights.

If i had someone who said you know I love the game but i hate vultures… okay, off they go, want to play now. Good, let’s go.


According to this guy, end of Sept. very iffy for A17

The steam community still has a lot of angry people, they really need to take a breath.