7 days to die


Obviously, no one has any idea when the next version of this is going to occur. There are all sorts of rumors floating around steam about how broken the build is, etc, and it is really difficult to tell what exactly is happening. I have heard wide ranging rumors from the upgrade to Unity 2017 screwed it up to all the programmers did their own branches for a year and then they all tried to merge together at once. I doubt the real story is known and it is all speculation.

To keep with that tradition of confusion/lack of information, a previously locked thread on their website got an updated post 2 days ago:

The referenced second post section is this:

This is the entire thread in question:




And another one. So these are coming out:


And the flurry of videos continues.

edit: This video does hint at a couple of things.

#1 He announced gyrocopters will be in A17
#2 He eludes to “future alphas”


I like the videos but man I would just like the update sometime soonish.



And another:


so going to continue to post news on this game if I see it.

“Roland” (not sure of his role but I think he works with them) has started an AMA thread on Steam which does have some info on the upcoming release:


It includes this:


That’s a risky statement from Roland given TFP’s update history. I’ve really enjoyed 7Days at various times, but I’m not sure they’re evolving the game in a direction that works for me. I only play solo, which is probably where some of my disconnect comes in.


Here are a few more Roland quotes that may be of interest:


and an interesting update re: Console Versions and Telltale (emphasis mine for the gist)



some farm info:


Well, if all is true they must be getting close to a release, as the end of the year is nigh…his latest quote is “less than 40 days”.

Here is some more info from the Roland thread:


And rumors are starting to come out that the game may be in streamers hands this weekend:


Have they done that before, just released it to the streamers ahead of everyone else?


It was the idea they had the last time they were going to release in July - first to the streamers and then the general public later. I suspect this is like a “test” mixed with marketing. I know of at least one other game taking this approach as well.


Good to know. It seems odd for a game that’s been out so long, but I’ll try to keep my excitement low then until the rest of us might soon get access.


Yeah, but from past history the one thing you are almost always guaranteed with these guys is that it is a brand new game with every major release. Previous mechanics are often thrown out the window as new ones are brought in. So for good or for ill, it is a new game every time.

A vocal sentiment from the public seems to be they are growing weary of this - but at the same time they are craving something “new”. Supposedly the “final infrastructure” will be in place with this release. It is all a speculative crap shoot.


in your hands on the 19th…


EDIT: The top of that linked thread also shows the referred-to Streamers List

Further EDIT: The ‘e’ in A17-e is ‘experimental’ - meaning it is not on the default Steam branch.


Well that sucks. I guess streamers get the weekend and no one else does. I don’t watch streamers. I don’t play game to watch other people play them.