7 new fall pilots - I like'em!

That’s a salmon ladder, and it’s a real thing.

It looks pretty easy to me. I’m sure it would be no trouble; I’d do it right now… except I promised my wife I’d help her wash the dog tonight, so maybe tomorrow. Or the next day.

Doh…a show named after my internet handle and it sounds like angsty teenybopper crap.

Super Clyde because of Fry is worth a watch. Sleepy Hollow is probably stupid but I like shows with supernatural investigations so I’ll give it a whirl. The rest sound awful.

Holy crap, these sound terrible. I might consider Sleepy Hollow just because it sounds almost lunatic enough to be salvagable through sheer bravado and doesn’t feature teen angst. The last one where they make a show out of The Bachelor but add royalty just makes me want to hurl.

It’s based on a book. Like a couple of the others, actually. Whether either the source material or the adaptation are any good I have no idea, but I don’t think the inspiration is -quite- that direct.