7 Up Plus Awesome

I’ve averaged about 30 ounces of soda pop consumption a day over the last several years. I’ve been looking to improve my diet and move away from soda pop into other beverages. The main focus in my diet is on low fat/cholesterol but I also go for low sugar, sodium, and caffeine. Here is Pepsi’s stats, per 12 ounces:

Sodium: 35 mg (1% of Daily Recommended Intake)
Sugars: 41 g (14% of Daily Recommended)
Caffeine: 5th ingredient

The diet sodas would help me, but I’ve never liked the taste. I’ve tried juices, but they are mostly high in sugar as well.

I drink Kool Aid + Splenda fairly often, but the taste is a bit bland and it hasn’t become my staple drink.

While shopping for soda recently, I came across 7 Up Plus. I noticed it contained Splenda, which is a synonym for Good or Better.

Here’s what 7 Up Plus Offers…

Sodium: 25 mg
Sugars: 2g
Caffeine: None

7 Up Plus is essentially a diet soda, but it tastes quite good. Not as good as the sharp sweetness of Pepsi or the smooth sweet Coke or any of their derivatives, but considerably better than the Kool Aid/Splenda combo. Its Carbonated which helps, and comes in at least three flavors (Cherry, Mixed Berry, and Island Fruit). I’m trying my first Mixed Berry now…

I’ll rate the flavors as Mixed Berry first, then Cherry, then Island Fruit.

I don’t hate 7up plus, and I’ll drink it, but I don’t find myself seeking it out. Very, very, VERY good for a diet drink. Far better than any other.

Ya don’t say…

Oh shit that was a koontz post?

I like 7-Up Plus but two things stopped me from buying it anymore:

  1. Ad campaign aimed at women made me somewhat embarrassed to buy it.

  2. No caffeine. I understand some people are trying to avoid caffeine, but such a high percentage of diet drinks are caffeine free now that I’m having to seriously consider coffee as a regular way to get what I need. Sugar free and caffeine free do not need to be linked in every drink.

You pussy.

Here’s something you should try.


Is it fair to say that 30 ounces is two cans ? ( You silly people and your crazy measurng system). If so that’s not that bad… though I really do recommend drinking water instead.

no. in the USA, most fizzy drinks (including beer) are sold in 12 ounce aluminium cans. 12 ounces = 355mL. I believe that everywhere else in the world, the standard serving size for fizzy drinks is 330mL.

Most respected soda by far.

That cans of Coke I have here are 375mL.

You are trying to move away from drinking soda pop and your solution is to drink 7up+. Am I missing something here?

Everywhere but Australia, then, who are obviously bigger fans of fizzy sugar water than even the Americans. :-)

Oh I dunno about that - I watched Supersize Me.

I second the “drink water” idea. Maybe go nuts every so often with a Mountain Blast Powerade or something, but water can’t be beat.

Water’s biggest problem is that it tastes like water.

You should try Glacieau infused water, it’s water with just enough flavor to make it better than water. The stuff is great when you’re working out at the gym.

Water’s biggest problem is that it tastes like water.[/quote]

About 1:10 diluted fruit juice is good for me.

I don’t know in what industrial wasteland you live in, but water isn’t supposed to have a taste.

Actually, mineral water does taste of minerals… I mean, it tastes kind of salty if there’s a lot of minerals in there.

I like propel myself. Gatorade has too much sugar, but propel is like 10 calories per serving, its chocked full of things your body needs, and its flavored. You can get a case of 24 for around 11 bucks at sam’s. my drink of choice for the past few months.