7 web comics in time for halloween

Blame my typos on apple

Some good ones in there: “His face all red” by Emily Carroll is one of my all-time favorites.

I just read “His Face All Red” and I don’t get the ending, which is a huge shame and my own failing, because I was really enjoying it up until that point. Could someone maybe explain it to me, as though I were a child too stupid to be reading adult prose just yet? Sigh.

It’s not meant to be completely resolvable, just spooky and atmospheric. When that first got passed around, lots of people who don’t get ambiguity wanted to be able to write a full Monster Manual entry on the brother and so were angry; just let it be.

(P.S. treasure type N)

I think what throws me are the little details that she threw in I can’t figure out what they mean, such as his coat not being torn and “why won’t he look at me” followed by a panel of him just looking straight ahead. I feel like I’m missing something. Multiple some-things. It’s a cool story, just a little too ambiguous for my tastes.

Can’t access (and haven’t been able to access) io9 for awhile, but I’ll toss Broodhollow into the mix. It comes from Kris Straub of Starslip and Chainsawsuit fame, but you may not realize he’s also responsible for the super-creepy Candle Cove short story and the bulk of the Ichor Falls horror mini-fiction setting.

It’s billed as Lovecraftian horror set in the 1930s with a very Tintin-esque style to it. It’s not gotten particularly horrifying just yet, but I am in love with the ambiance and art thus far :D

Our New York City data center is still offline thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

Anyone have links to the web comics in io9’s now unavailable article?