70's Swedish Dance Bands

Best clothes ever.

The gay biker 'stache should really make a comeback.

Ah, makes me misty-eyed and nostalgic for what was, hands-down, the funniest thread ever posted in this particular forum.

Oh, I dunno, I still get a laugh-till-I-cry jag out of the analogies thread that fell out of the WoW-Funeral thread.

I’m sorry. This is the “Swedish Dance Bands” thread (the group in John Many Jars’ post actually is one, or at least a Danish one, The Tommy Seebach Band). Your post is looking for the “Your nominations for funniest Qt3 thread” thread. I’m sure that’s around here somewhere.

Still going strong

On a tangent, these were the musicians who wondered what the government was doing about that new dance craze called “Disco” that dwindled their audiences so. Half of the bands of this era stopped playing and the musicians had to seek unemployment. The musicians union wanted to tax dance halls to keep live music alive.