79th Oscar Nominations

Ack… I started the thread and then went looking for a link but there wasn’t one yet. In any case, I’ll get the ball rolling. Best Picture was pretty much what I expected except Little Miss Sunshine got nominated over Dreamgirls (which, I won’t lie, makes me happy).

Also, really happy that Ryan Gosling got nominated since I love Half Nelson. Greengrass got nominated for director as well, which is nice. And it was good to see a couple of nominations for Pan’s Labyrinth and Children of Men (only one for CoM so far, lets see how it does in the technical catergories).

Anyway, hopefully we’ll get a link in here soon to the full list.

Partial List

Interesting. I liked “Little Miss Sunshine” very much, even saw it two times, but I never watched it and thought “There’s a Best Picture nominee”. Still happy to see it there though.

And I thought Abigail Breslin was fantastic for her role, but her nomination highlights what Tom mentioned in another thread – the fact that there are so few meaty roles for serious actresses.

So – lots of nominations for Babel, nothing in the big six for Children of Men. I’ve seen neither yet but my impression was that the former was underwhelming and the latter was blowing people away. What’s up?

Because I can’t resist my own wit-

Nor are there serious roles for meaty actresses.

Best Picture

The Departed
Letters from Iwo Jima
Little Miss Sunshine
The Queen

Best Actor

Leonardo DiCaprio, Blood Diamond
Ryan Gosling, Half Nelson
Peter O’Toole, Venus
Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happyness
Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland

So, none of the Best Actor roles were in any of the Best Pictures? Has that ever happened before?

lots of nominations for Babel, nothing in the big six for Children of Men. I’ve seen neither yet but my impression was that the former was underwhelming and the latter was blowing people away. What’s up?

Children of men is set in Britain and small, in terms of screentime, role for Julianne Moore aside it’s full of British actors and wasn’t made/funded by one of the big US studios?

Isn’t Oscars’ primary purpose to promote the US film industry>

[edit] there’s a lot of acting nominations for Blood diamond, is it not the silly action flick the trailers make it look like?

I really liked Babel myself, but I liked Children on Men better. But to be honest, I found a lot of the actual dialogue and characters not as well done as the technical aspects of the film (CoM).

With Babel, parts were brilliant and other parts I couldn’t wait to get past to get back to the story lines I was more interested in.

Isn’t Babel, like, extremely international in its cast and locations?

Anyway, I’m sure the Oscar voters are English-language-centric, and perhaps US-centric, but I’ll blame their lack of credibility and taste for most of the bad choices (like Crash). Don’t know why I get excited about the Oscars every year, since I lend their choices no credence compared to that of film reviewers I respect. I must get swept up in the pageantry! <swoons>

A pity United 93 didn’t make the Best Picture list. That was, imo, by a pretty wide margin the best film I saw last year. (I’ve seen, for instance, three of the best picture nominees as well as Pan’s Labyrinth and liked United 93 better than any of those.)

Also, I have to lament the absence of a Best Actor nomination for Richard Griffith in the History Boys. I know, he wasn’t even on the radar for some reason, but he was really stellar in that.

I guess the plan is to give Scorsese his Lifetime Achievement directing Oscar this time around for Departed. It’s hard for me to begrudge that. But Paul Greengrass’s direction of U93 was a revelation, marks a milestone in the “non-Hollywood-but-still-Hollywood” style incorporating quasi-documentary techniques, and is something filmmakers will be studying for years to come. Given that U93 didn’t get the Best Picture nomination it so clearly deserved, I have to hope Greengrass gets a director statuette at least. Sorry, Marty. =/

Full list here (although it’s NYT so expect them to be asses about it after the first 24 hours).

I’ve barely seen shit this year, but based on the various hype machines, Children of Men being shut out of the major awards is astounding–somebody’s marketing department really dropped the ball there.

I suppose Brad Pitt is probably a little surprised, too, since he was the only one of Newsweek’s picks to get the snub. But since Ryan Gosling’s fucking amazing performance in Half Nelson got the nod instead, I’m certainly not complaining. (Considering he gets to go home and have sex with Angelina Jolie, probably neither is Brad.)

If Little Miss Sunshine wins for anything other than Best Supporting Actor, it’ll be like American Beauty all over again–a by-the-numbers crowd-pleaser disguised as a serious independent film duping audiences that should know better.

Weird year for nominations.

What an interesting list of nominations. Dreamgirls received 8 nominations and no Best Picture nod? Did they break the record held by “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”?

Surprisingly, I’ve already seen most of the Best Picture nominees. That’s unusual.

I’m curious to hear what everyone thinks about the Best Actor category.

Well I’ve seen Whittaker, Gosling and O’Toole’s performance and all three of them deserved a nomination (and I think Whittaker will probably win). From the trailer it looks like Smith runs and cries a lot in his movie… so that gets him something I guess. And DiCaprio is a pretty dependable actor, its just interesting to see him get nominated for Blood Diamond and not The Departed.

Also, I am entirely unsurprised that Children of Men got no big nominations (although cinematography and adapted screenplay aren’t exactly minor). It would be a shame if it didn’t at least win for cinematography since it definitely deserves some recognition for those crazy track shots.

Boy, is Little Miss Sunshine overrated. I agree with The Other Guy. It was enjoyable enough, but jeez. Come on. Frankly, I’m going to go ahead and say that Dreamgirls got robbed by LMS getting a nod. I expect we will start hearing questions about race as an issue coming up any minute now…

As your local rep for the hearing impaired, fuck musicals.

I’m a bit surprised by the Little Miss Sunshine nod. I thought it was OK, but not Best Picture material.

I hope Marty gets his Oscar.

Meryl Streep got nominated for best actress in the Devil Wears Prada? You’ve got to be shitting me.

Seems fine to me. She was awesome in that role.

You know, it’s really too bad that it got nominated for best picture because it’s really not it’s fault that it’s not best picture material. It’s a hilarious comedy that I really enjoyed but I wouldn’t vote for it for BP either.

I do think the idea that it’s “overrated” is wrong though. This is like the time that I was pretty funny for a while (before I made everybody mad because I’m a conservative) and Koontz said I was the funniest poster here and then people were like “no way” and got mad.

I wasn’t claiming that I was the funniest poster on the place in 2004 so why should it be my fault if some other jerk makes the claim for me?

Full agreement. I liked it so much that I’m kind of pissed off that it got a Picture nomination. The inevitable backlash & cries of “That’s a Best Picture contender???” (which aren’t wholly uncalled for) will obscure its underlying goodness for those who haven’t seen it.

I haven’t seen many of the '06 releases yet but I did see Prada and Streep was indeed very good in it (she was the only reason I consented to see the movie). She owned that role.

Wow…that’s the ugliest Best Picture category I think I’ve ever seen. Babel was long and somewhat disjointed, Miss Sunshine was quirky but oscar worthy…no, The Departed was ok, The Queen and Iowa Jima I haven’t seen, maybe they’ll take up the slack.