79th Oscar Nominations

Why is Borat up for Best Adapted Screenplay? Because there was a TV show? That doesn’t really make sense. And it barely has a screenplay, anyway.

Iwo Jima was just… bad. Children of Men conveyed the horror of war much better, IMO.
And I can’t figure out why so many critics like it as much as they do.

The snubbing of Children of Men is pretty disgusting, but hardly unexpected.

If it doesn’t win cinematography at least, it’s time to shoot the Academy in its collective head and start over.

Yeah, Iwo Jima was kind of flat. It was an all right movie but Children of Men definitely deserves that spot much more.

I don’t understand why the “snubbing” of CoM was expected. It had a $70M budget with a decent cast and a trendy political message.

Early guesses, Babel wins BP because the Academy often equates “disjointed” with “good.” Scorese gets the director nod(Cuaron obviously deserves it). Only one acting nod for The Departed is a joke, but they’ll give supporting actor to Housnou or Murphy because a white guy will win best actor. DiCaprio gets best actor because he turned in 2 of the top 10 performances, though IMO he did a much better job in The Departed.

Yes, it’s just like that time.

Shit, who knows? Since the PGA gave Little Miss Sunshine its top honors, which has apparently predicted the Oscar for best picture 11 out of the last 17 times, you may be wrong, though. Also, the pick for best director has always been kinda sweep resistant, and Paul Greengrass is sitting there all by himself. (I think Scorsese will get the Oscar one day, but I doubt it’ll be while he’s still in bed with the Weinsteins, and probably not for a remake of a HK film.) I can see it being Whitaker, Mirren, Hudson and Arkin very, very easily but I’ve been wrong (very, very wrong) before.

Science Fiction movies aren’t allowed to win Best Picture, right? I think that’s in the small print somewhere.

Yeah, just saw Letters from Iwo Jima, and while its well made it just seemed very routine. You guys can say what you want about Babel, but that movie made me feel something, and I had no idea what was going to happen next. Meanwhile, Iwo Jima just seemed to move along hitting all the usually war movie plot points.

As for Little Miss Sunshine, I hope there is no backlash, because that movie deserves to be seen.

Science Fiction movies aren’t allowed to win Best Picture, right? I think that’s in the small print somewhere.

It was sci-fi? I gave up on the oscars when Titanic got best pic over L.A Confidential.

I’m not sure that CoM is the best pic, but it was certainly a damn sight better than Departed which struck me as Scorcese painting by numbers.

Whilst I haven’t seen Children of Men, this was the impression that Departed gave me too. I am not saying that it wasn’t good, more that I got the feeling that Scorsese can do films like that in his sleep. I would rather have seen him win an Oscar for Goodfellas or Taxi Driver, films that bring something more original to the table.

Absolutely, I agree with Tom in his “disappointing” films thread. I thought Goodfellas had got the gong, if it didn’t and this does… well maybe it’s retroactive justice but it still leaves a sour taste that something as tepid as that, coming from Scorsese, is considered the best film of the year over something quite original and gripping as Children of men. CoM isn’t without it’s faults, ultimately it’s perhaps a bit too British/European for an Oscar.

Problem is, I can’t see Departed without thinking of Goodfellas and how one of these things is not like the others.

Some disorganized thoughts:
What, no nominations for Apocalypto other than technical awards? I wonder how much that had to do with that thing Mel did…

I can’t recall a sci-fi movie ever winning Best Picture, but they do get nominated. Unless Star Wars was classified as “Fantasy” by the Academy, of course.

I agree with Gordon: I’ve always found it jarring that a film can get a Best Director nod, but not the logical Best Picture nomination to accompany it. It’s a particular shame in United 93’s case.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that all the talk of Dreamgirls building momentum post-Golden Globes came to nothing. So much for an Eddie Murphy Oscar.

O Brother, Adaptation, and now Borat… I doubt there’s a more flexible category than Best Adapted Screenplay.

EDIT: Whoops, I thought Eddie Murphy was snubbed for Best Supporting. Go Eddie!

I agree is deserves to be seen, but did you feel like it was one of the top five movies of the year? I only saw 20 something movies this year, and I wouldn’t put it in my top 5.

Totally. I really do think that it is time that Scorsese got an Oscar (despite not having liked his films for a good few years now) and if it has to be for The Departed then fair enough.

I think I am just sick of the way big directors seem to just wait their turn for an Oscar, completely independent of what film they’ve made that year.

Ironically, I had it in my top 5 movies of the year if you see the thread about that. I think most of the backlash comes from the fact that its not seen as a proper nominee since its more of a light hearted and quirky family comedy. There are probably more deserving movies but I think the Academy likes to get one slightly softer movie in there so its not just five movies filled with people getting killed (Babel, Departed, Iwo Jima, etc.).

Re no sci-fi film getting Best Pic: Let’s not forget the mammoth Return of the King sweep—so we got our big geek victory that year. (Yes, I know that was fantasy–you know what I mean.)

Little Miss Sunshine was fine and cute and had some fun acting (I’m actually happy about that Alan Arkin nomination)…but I dunno. I don’t think it was worth a Best Pic nod, that’s all. But I don’t think it warrants a backlash (like I’m kinda doing here) either. Maybe I saw it too late after the hype had already kicked in–I just didn’t see what the big deal was.

I think Scorcese will prolly get the “lifetime achievement” nod as others have said, and though this may be no Goodfellas, I still think better this film than some of his more recent blatantly Oscar bait films like Age of Innocence or The Aviator.

I still feel like Eddie Murphy has a strong chance. It’s a good “comeback” role for him. And Jennifer Hudson still seems like the one to beat. So I don’t see a Dreamgirls shutout.

Unfortunately though it’s the “oh well, fair enough, he should have got it for that really good film he made 10 years ago” approach that leads to the the oscars being a total waste of time. It’s no different to every other populist award ceremony going any more. And there are shit loads of them.

I’m really pulling for Mark Wahlberg snagging the best supporting actor award.

Anyone else thinks that the animated feature film category is kinda sad?

Also, while I stopped paying too much attention to the Oscars these days, (it seems to be the big elite popularity contest as opposed to MTV’s trendy movie of the month), I’m glad to see Gosling’s for best actor and Greengrass for best director. It’s probably a snowball’s chance in hell the former will win, but I’m hoping Greengrass will be the dark horse.

He did make one of the more relevant films, even in the current list of Oscar nominees. (Why is Children of Men not there? Iwo Jima seemed like conventional Oscar bait, and LMS, as good as it was, is no CoM, United 93, Pan’s Labyrinth, or any number of others anyone could name.)