8 foot long Lego Star Wars cruiser :O


HOLY SHIT is right!

I’ll be honest with you guys, if I had the money I would bid on that.

Really? The bid is currently at $32,502. Of course, that’s probably not much more than the cost of it’s parts…

I wonder how much it weighs? [Edit] That would be “over 150 pounds”

Wait here is something that I dont get. Why is it called a rebel attack cruiser? I dont really remember any rebels ( besides the trade federation ) in EP3. Thoughts?

Well yeah. I mean you look at it and the dude standing there and you say to yourself “Hmm, that would be some cool shit I probably would never get to buy, I wonder how cheap it is? I mean if it’s cheap enough…”

Then you see $32,502, even though it is for a Charity and you could write this off that’s way too damn much for something I could buy and potentially knock up myself and enjoy for a hell of a lot less money.

I think you’re stretching the word “potentially” to it’s limits there. I mean, It’s like saying that since I have MS Word installed potentially I could write a bestselling novel.

If you look at the Certificate of Authenticity on that page, you can see that it’s really a Republic Attack Cruiser.

It’d be cheaper,but imagine how many Lego sets you have to buy these days to get enough generic-type pieces to make anything but exactly what the fucking thing is supposed to be.

“Fuck Legos.”


It’s 16 feet!

Bah, it’s not so bad. You only have to buy a few sets before that constraint fades. I got a bunch of the Star Wars lego space ships, and they’ve all since been converted by my 5 year old son into custom designs. Besides, if you want you can buy generic legos directly.

Oh, and checkout Lego Vikings – Lego Midgard Serpent!

You just have to get a large enough set. We got our almost-three-year old nephew the Black Castle for Christmas. It comes with an assload of blocks, and there are tons of different things you can build with it, going from the pictures on the box (including a five-foot tall Lego tower).

Also, it comes with a dragon.

Now all this thread needs is an Akbar and we’re in business.

Also, Kalle. The reason I said potentially is that I don’t think it would be the difference of being able to put together the legos in that pattern, but rather the discipline it would take to do the entire thing.

Come on, it’s Legos.

Three Akbars for you!

And another:

Call that big, do you? No offense Bee Ess, cuz you’re my honky and all, and I know your boy loves the thing, but that ain’t shit. Somebody have a pic of the first Lego castle? The yellow one? Or the first two black and grey ones? Now, those rocked and you could make a fucking dragster out of them if you wanted. Actually, no, maybe not, I had the dragster from those bitchin’ Expert Sets. I was a Lego Expert, you bastards!

Ahem. Anyway, I count about 40, maybe 50 pieces with some universality. But them torchieres, guard towers (the yellow guard towers wereabout 30 bricks apiece, all generic as Hell); are those fucking walls on the back tower one piece each? Oh, the huge manatee. I mean dragon. Yeah, neato, but I need my old jousting tourney squad to take him on, and who’s the fruit riding him?

The major two space lego sets I had as a kid:

(Courtesy of Brickset.com)

Not one magic-fancy-molded piece on either of those spaceships.

Then I got this kick-ass ride:

I mean, dude, a working differential (ok, that was a single special block) and a transmission.

Now, there are some cool pieces that you can get these days – specifically, the ratchety pieces that let you creat things that actually hold an angle properly, but back in the day, lego toys were built.

It’s more than that. I can’t do an exact rundown, since the thing is wrapped now, but the majority (two-thirds or more) of the pieces are pretty generic, and it’s a 386-piece set.

But them torchieres, guard towers (the yellow guard towers wereabout 30 bricks apiece, all generic as Hell); are those fucking walls on the back tower one piece each?

Yes, they are. Look, it’s a Duplo set, and the kid is just under three years old. We were worried that even this might be too complicated for him, but figure he can grow into it. I do remember the castles you refer to (in fact, I had the yellow one), but those were regular Lego sets, recommended age 6+, or thereabouts.

Bill is right, Lego has definitely taken a turn for the worse as of late. I still have all my original lego sets built, sitting on shelves around the house. I can’t bring myself to tear them apart. But man, the stuff now is just too specialized (and it all seems based on liscenced stuff now) and on top of that, Lego lost a lawsuit to Megablocks who they claimed was infringing on their copyright. I mean, thats the raw deal right there because Megablocks are total garbage, I feel bad for any kid who gets those.

Funk, DEWWWWDUH, take some pix of the bizzle rizzle there, man. I wanna see!

Duplo!?!?! Are you trying to make the top of my head come off, Ben? I mean, sure, 3 hundo plus is a chunk for Duplo, but still. Stuff for the older kids, that stuff look sthe fuckin same as that Duplo rig, and more’s the pity.

Funk, DEWWWWDUH, take some pix of the bizzle rizzle there, man. I wanna see!

Now you’ve done it. Alright, that settles it then, tomorrow afternoon expect to see some pictures of Lego sets.