8 Mile -- the movie, not the music

Whoa. This was, as Ron Dulin noted, way better than it should have been. I never thought I’d live to see the day when two of the year’s most compelling performances come from a white rapper and a Saturday Night Live alumnus (Sandler in Punch Drunk Love).

My main disappointment was that they didn’t use that Lose Yourself song that everyone is playing in the actual movie (it rolls during the credits only). Which was probably a wise choice. Eminem’s actual rapping was wisely held back through most of the movie and eventually used for payoff to maximum effect. Much like showing the actual shark in Jaws, but without looking all fakey.

Did Alan Dunkin see this yet? 'Cause yo, check it, I think he definitely should.

 -T Chicken

P.S. When someone made a Rabbit reference in the previous thread, I thought it was a sly reference to John Irving and suburban angst.

I really liked, and agreed with, the Onion’s review:


Very nice review. This caught my eye:

“shot by Amores Perros cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto”

8 Mile looked gorgeous, so I’m not surprised. Just as Prieto managed to make Mexican squalor look like an intentional palette in Amores Perros, he did a great job shooting Detroit as a bombed out apocalyptic wasteland.

I had assumed the credit for the look went to Curtis Hanson, who had similiarly brought to life a warmly lit winter Pittsburgh in Wonder Boys and a lush post-war LA in LA Confidential, both shot by Dante Spinotti. I guess Hanson just knows how to pick his cinematographers.


From this article.

“You don’t hear his own words so much anymore. You hear the director and magazines and tabloids talking about how he’s not as bad as we thought,” said Zeisler. "If he were to come forward and say ‘this is what is going on,’ I would listen.

“Or if Barbara Walters did an Eminem special, I would totally watch that.”

Please everybody, call your congressman and senators.

Tell them to tell Barbara Walters “We don’t want you to interview Eminem.”

Now, if Eminem interviewed Barbara Walters, that i’d watch. [EDIT]

I don’t know… I think the Filthy Critic sums up my opinions on the movie…


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That Onion review is great - articulates the way I feel about the movie far better than I could.

I just saw 8 Mile for the first time yesterday. Then I read this thread. I’d have to say that Desslock’s statement articulates the way I feel about the Onion’s review far better than I could have.

Also, Mekhi Phifer is the man.

I just saw this over the weekend, too. I have to agree with Tom and the shark from Jaws comment. It was especially good move for an old fart like myself who has never listend to eminem.

I also notice he didn’t show up to collect his oscar. Was that a dis?