80s art palette toy name

I’m desperately trying to remember the name of a toy that I hope to find online. It was a late 80s kids art palette. It had plastic ‘bubbles’ or domes over each little indent and you’d insert a pellet with water into each dome and it made watercolor paints. I cannot find the name anywhere! Any help is appreciated!!

So the paint wasn’t already in the little indents? The paint was the pellet that you put in the indent and then added the water?

Yes! Exactly! The paint was in pellet form then you added water to eat little plastic bubble and it became watercolor

I remember something called Do A Dot Art, but I don’t think that is what you are talking about.

You’re NOT talking about this, right?

I found a ton of stuff similar to what Murph posted but noting with pellets.

Yeah, the pellets bit is what’s throwing me, because I don’t recall ever seeing anything like that, and Googling has not turned up anything useful.

Is it more like one of these old 60s / 70s era children’s paint boxes?

HAHAAA no! Lol

Exactly— it is no where to be found!

Yes I have those for my students! They look like bingo markers LOL

This was like a little kid’s art palette

They’re not like Tempera Cakes right?


Like little cakes you moisten for paint although they’re not actually considered a watercolor.

No unfortunately. They were pellets that looked like easter egg coloring pellets and you drop them in the water

Yeah as a kid I remember wetting my brush and putting it on things to get color, but i don’t remember pellets outside of easter egg coloring at all.

Those are actually called color tablets by the way, and you when you look for color tablets you find stuff in science or bath things, neither meant for painting really.

I see. This was an actual plastic artists palette that had a hole for your hand and little domes where you drop in the paint pellet and water.

This thing uses pellets:

Could it have been a Faber-Castell product? Seems like they do “concept” painting kits for kids.

Perhaps this is it!!!

Thank you ever so much!!!

Ok so this is quite similar! Not the exact same but ty for the tip!!

Sure thing — I bet this is the 2020 version of your late 80s toy.