84 hours of Q*bert

George Leutz - A true hero. 84 hours and 48 minutes on one game credit beating a 30-year record.

Guinness World Record rules say you earn five minutes of rest for every hour of effort, according to Leutz. But you can’t pause the game; you have to accumulate enough “lives” so your game doesn’t end while you’re napping.
This was Leutz’s fifth attempt at the record. He says the trick was to pace himself properly. His winning schedule was nine hours of gaming, then 45 minutes of deep sleep.

Although Knucklez’s arcade has 50 games, he chose Q*bert because it can be done one-handed.

Uh, okay.

I played Q*bert for around 2 hours (one quarter, naturally) between finals one year in college. What the hell, I didn’t want to study any more, and I had nothing else to do in the interim.

The entire goddamn test, I saw that color-changing pyramid pulsing in front of me. OK, fine you say, afterimage. But I also saw the little jumping things and the snake moving around too. The only time I’ve ever had a real waking hallucination in an otherwise normal state of consciousness.

Got an A on the exam, too, though I sort of had to peer around the edges of the pyramid to see the paper. Fortunately the damn thing vanished soon afterwards…

To eat, silly.

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I’m more impressed that someone could sit on a stool for 84 hours.

Wonder how many lives you lose in 45 minutes. Sounds like if you have three guys that can play 8 hours straight, the game could be played endlessly.