$860 for an email account

Somebody is gonna be pissed.

I guess little Johnny doesn’t get his PS3 for Christmas after all!

I wonder how many of these auction the seller actually collects on the money. Or if they do they end up having to fight the credit card charge backs.

The buyer has won two other (legit) PS3 auctions. Weird.

I can’t believe ebay would let obvious trickery and basically fraud go thru…sure the guy says “email” in his description but he also attempts to make the buyer believe that he or she is getting a PS3 by posting pics of the console.

Yah, buyer beware and all that but the guy is selling something by making people believe that they are getting something else…fine print doesn’t always cut it.

I also hate assholes like that.

Eh, the item description specifies: “Video Game System” and “Platform: Sony Playstation 3”. No mention of an email address there, and I’d assume that’s the important one, rather than tiny text saying “You’re actually bidding for an email address”.


I wouldn’t pay and I’d tell ebay to come after me.

Someone I know who is selling one said today that a lot of the winners of the PS3 auctions are like Nigerian scammers who don’t pay.

Anyone willing to pay >MSRP for a PS3 is obviously a fool, and anyone selling a PS3 for >MSRP is ripping off their buyer. So I really don’t see any difference. A fool and his money are parted either way.

Also it’s not small print, the title line and description all say it’s an email address.

  1. Someone who pays more than MSRP might be obviously a fool to you, but you’re a fool for saying it. If someone values the PS3 + the time invested to acquire one (waiting in line, mostly) greater than MSRP, power to them. That’s like saying anyone who rides in a Taxi when they could walk (or use any cheaper mode of transport) is a fool. Same goes for the seller. They’re saying “I believe the time I spent getting this for you is worth $X.” Any seller who agrees gets the console.

  2. The title line says “email”. It doesn’t say “Address”. He listed the auction in Video Games->Systems. The platform is “Sony Playstation 3”, and an e-mail address is platform independant (more or less). He lists the condition as “New”, but in the description he indicates that you can e-mail him at the address he’s selling for information. That’d mean it’s not “New” but “Used”.

I was about to post the same thing; it was listed by explicit category as a video game console, which makes it fraudulent, regardless of the tiny-font intentionally obscured disclaimer. He doesn’t owe them anything, and the buyer would be smart to get eBay involved. The seller will probably get a little vacation.

Anyone willing to pay over MSRP for anything is a sucker. People waiting in lines for days are also suckers. Anyone buying that auction is a sucker. Lotta lotta sucka here! Sucka you rong time, five dorra!

Anyway, whether it’s fraudulent or not is a matter of interpretation. It’s certainly scummy.

Why are you arguing this? It’s against Ebay Policy to list it in the wrong area.

stusser hates people

I hate people too, but damn.

Oh, he’s right, though. He’s just pointing out that saying fraud is less definitively correct than saying it’s scummy (and, as Guido noted, a TOS violation). I’d call it fraud if I were the one pressing the issue, but then again I think alot of TV commercials are outright fraud too, when they intentionally hide important details that go directly against the ad claims – or worse, those damn peanut butter jars that say “NO TRANS FAT!” despite hydrogenated vegetable oil on the ingredient list because our dip-shit government gave them a free pass on “zero grams per serving” for anything under 1.0, regardless of serving size manipulation, and they pay someone who gives them a legal opinion that “zero grams” equates to “no”, and presto, one free government-endorsed blatant lie on the label. But I digress :)

To top it off, even if you ignore all of the deceptive marketing practices and the item category issue, he claims he is selling “ownership” of a Yahoo email address. Yahoo email addresses aren’t domain names, just because he registered for one doesn’t mean he owns it or has the right to sell it.

Ebay should shut people’s accounts off permanent for posting shit like this.

Because stusser is obviously a fool.

Agree. I find it hard to believe they could convince a jury.

I think it is up to the seller to come after you if the deal goes bad, I don’t think ebay gets involved one way or another. But not only would I not pay, I’d look into taking legal action against ebay if there were any consequences for not paying (bad feedback from shady seller, rating hit, whatever). If someone points out a sale on ebay that is as horribly wrong as this one is, ebay should expunge it from the record like it was never even listed.

It is in ebay’s best long-term interest to crack down on shit like this anyway, lest they get a reputation as being a marketplace infested by shady scammers.

“lest they get”? Isn’t it basically too late for that?