Anyone else like it?
Pretty interesting actually, Eminem surprised me as an actor … not half bad.

Guess things are a little bit easier when you’re playing yourself eh?

Yes, a stirring reminder that when you’re from the 'hood, you’ve only got your own talents to uplift yourself out the ghetto, so you better come correct like Eminem does. Or, I mean Rabbit.

Or a sports wonder :shock:

A self-congratulatory Eminem movie, that’s all the world needs.

— Alan

Did any of you even see the film? At what point is it self-congratulatory or does anyone lift themselves out of the ghetto?

I was really surprised by it. Sure, it could have been better. But it was also much, much better than it needed to be. Eminem was fine in it, and the last battle sequence was pretty exciting. If they had cut out every scene with Kim Basinger (who was so bad that it was difficult to watch), it might have even qualified as great.

I can understand not liking it, but dismissing it outright for the above reasons is just silly. It’s a pretty bleak movie which [spoiler] ends with the protagonist going back to finish his shift at a factory, losing the girl, and only vaguely insinuating that there may be a better life ahead of him.

Ron, why would I go spend money and pad the coffers of folks I dispise for a movie I know I won’t like? I’d rather not waste my time, money, and energy. It may be a good movie, but Eminem is the lead actor – no thanks. I’d rather have my cheeks pierced.

— Alan

I didn’t ask you to go see it, nor whether you would see it. I asked if you had seen it, because you dismissed it for a fairly specific reason (calling it “self-congratulatory”). But I’ve obviously whacked some hornet’s nest in the Alan Dunkin vs. Eminem beef that I was heretofore unaware of, and I apologize. My only advice: don’t sign with Suge, dawg.


(v) To compete, usually freestyle rapping, sometimes breakdancing or graffiti. “You want to rap and you got no battle, it’s like havin’ a boat and you got no paddle” – Public Enemy (??? [1987]).


in this situation, it’s a one on one freestyle rap war, mostly they just make fun of each other and insult each other’s freestyling talents. oh, and the crowd goes wild.

I’m seriously baffled about something - we were chatting about this flik around the coffee pot at work this morning, and the one of us who was standing there who is gay was really pissed at how popular Mr. Mathers is. His comment was that the gay community leaders are a bunch of hypocrytes for not staging protests of Eminem at his preview, at the Grammys, etc. I’m not into rap much, so all I was really aware of was the lyrics about killing his pregnant wife and stuffing her in the trunk, etc. but he showed me on the net some of the gay-bashing lyrics, and wow. This guy is a serious homophobe. This ain’t satire, this guy really puts gays down big-time. So - where are all of the protestors who are so quick to say that, say, Dr. Laura should not be allowed to air her views, or when any TV show or movie or anything at all hints at gay-bashing or the perception of gay-bashing?

Here’s one thing I’m baffled about - Brad Pitt could play a gay basher in a movie and you wouldn’t think that HE, himself, hated gay people, but a musician who writes a song about it suddenly becomes the root of all things evil.

You ever think that maybe Eminem’s song is his act? That perhaps he is creating a caricature of what people think he is? I’m not going to defend him, maybe he is a homophobe, but people seem to be unable to see musicians as “actors.”

Eminem leads box office by a ‘Mile’
The enfant terrible of the hip-hop community grabbed the No. 1 spot at the North American box office Sunday as his feature film debut “8 Mile” sold $54.5 million worth of tickets in its first three days.

Can’t argue with success.

Interesting. Honestely, the idea never occured to me. I usually see music as some sort of an expression/extension of the muscian’s personal feelings. This doesn’t mean that songs lyrics should all be taken literally, though. I suppose it has a lot to do with the mood of the song and what I know of the artists background. For example, I don’t automatically think Randy Newman hates short people or that Warran Zevon wants to eat people.

Hey Adam - I do think that it is interesting that the activist gay groups are so reluctant to express any concern at all at Eminem’s lyrics. Heck, I remember when they protested Billy Crystal’s gay character on Soap because they felt he was going to make fun of gays (well, I’d forgotten until I saw a piece on it on Trio the other night.) Eminem is from Michigan (where I live) so I see a lot written about the guy, and I’ve never seen him state “Oh, that’s just an act to raise the level of sensitivity of the plight of the gay individual in America. Yo.” nor have I even seen anyone take him to task or challenge him on it. Which does seem at least a little hypocritical to me. Nah, seems real hypocritial to me.

Gay organizations organized massive protests over The Marshall Mather’s LP and the first CD too. Newsweek, MTV, etc., bantered the subject endlessly. I don’t think he was given a pass on those lyrics, at all, back then. Jeff, where the hell were you between 1999 and 2001 anyway? The debate over Eminem was endless.

But I think you’re right to point out that it’s over.

The reason why they’ve stopped isn’t because they suddenly think those lyrics are acceptable and that Eminem is fine and dandy, I think they stopped because they noticed the attention was helping Eminem sell albums. That and the fact that the new album is noticably less offensive in that department. See, Dr. Laura’s success can be stopped by a protest, Eminem’s success can only be enhanced by it. It isn’t hypocrisy for a protest group to pick the fights they can win over the one’s they can’t.

Here’s an interesting poser on the other side of the coin. The Christian Coalition protested, vehemently, Soap, Torch Song Trilogy, and Ellen’s coming out show, yet they says nothing about the much more in-your-face and even, lewd, Will & Grace program airing Thursday nights as Must See TV. Why is that? Doesn’t that seem hypocritical to you?

Rappers have been bashing gays since the dawn of rap in the early 80’s. It starts out as simple ignorance and fear. If you have never met someone who is gay or been around a homosexual, you believe they are all after your ass and react negatively because that is what you have been taught by your peers growing up.

Once you get to the level of popularity and wealth that Slim Shady has achieved it is all an over-the-top act. I don’t think he hates gay folks any more than he is going to kill his wife or mother. If anything, he is still ignorant and/or just engaging in the exaggeration and over-the-top lyrics that have always been the cornerstone of the genre.

I certainly do not agree with it and think it is in poor taste, but is no more harmful than when I got called a fag when I was a scrawny, little geek in high school. Protesting would be silly and a complete waste of time.

All of this, regardless of his personals beliefs or not, falls under the category of “no publicity is bad publicity”.

The guy sings with Elton John one moment and the next moment he sings lyrics including “my faggot father musta had his panties in a bunch”.

The thing is, when he says ‘faggot’, he’s not necassarily saying, “I believe my dad was gay and because of that I curse and hate him”. It’s like ‘dumbass’ or ‘mother fucker’ or ‘bitch’. It’s a deragatory word that I must admit I have used when getting in small scuffles when playing basketball. I remember getting an elbow in the mouth and calling the guy a stupid faggot or something to that effect. I did not think he was gay or meant it as an indictment of men who choose that lifestyle. I am not proud of it, but it is just a word.

He is a white guy who says ‘nigger’, as well. Should Sharpton, the NAACP, and brother Jesse be marching as well? Probably not as there is no money it for them, but he is offending the entire black race as he is pointing out their slave heritage and he is, after all, the white massa’.

Oh I totally agree Tykenks.
The word “faggot” by no means means gay in the traditional sense anymore.

“Faggot” means gay? I always thought it referred to a bunch of sticks.

High school memories make more sense now!