8TB Seagate shingle Archive drives

I picked up one of these since they just came into stock. Let’s see how slow they end up being.

I’m really curious about these as soon as the $/TB drops a tad. If you could run Crystal disk mark or something and report back that would be great.

Yeah, I’m interested too, even if they are close to the 5400 rpm mark they’d be great for my media server.

they will only go up in price for me with the cratering canadian dollar.

well, at least you have a budget for these toys. I have to justify them on a purely irrational internal & imaginary ROI.
The cratering dollar is but one variable in that indecipherable formula.

While it looks like Seagate’s largest drives aren’t failing at the rate of their 1-to-3TB disasters, I had a bad enough experience with Seagate 1.5TB drives (bought 3, 3 died, two of the warranty replacements died) that I’ve written off the company until I see signs of sustained quality.

And my experience isn’t just anecdotal: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/best-hard-drive/

DennyA, as discussed elsewhere that’s not really representative.

(Am I still annoyed that Seagate bought Samsung’s hard disk business? Yes. Looks like HGST for me in the future, but that’s based entirely on personal preferences)

Backblaze HAVE just released their data sets for analysis, though.

Buying a single 8gb drive would make me way too nervous. I wonder how these things would perform in a raid. I’d still probably prefer WD Reds, probably in the 3-5 TB range. They have treated me very well over the last year.

I’ve also had bad experiences with Seagate in the past (10 years ago ish?) when i bought one of their faster drives that had a firmware problem that could randomly brick it (i was affected) if you didn’t apply a firmware update to the HDD before symptoms showed but if you didn’t have the problem, the update might brick your harddrive itself. I suppose that probably happens to all companies though, but hard drives among computer enthusiasts has been practically a matter of religious faith for quite some time, so when a company does something really incompetent, it tends to leave a lasting impression.

I wouldn’t use a seagate drive if I was given it for free, I had six failures over the past 10 years, all seagates.

WD for life. <3

Shame there are no Toshiba drives in BackBlaze’s data. It would be nice to see how they have been doing since they picked up some of Hitachi’s operations.

I guess I got one of the “good” Seagate Barracuda 1.5 TB drives that came with this Dell over 4 years ago. Zero problems with daily use. It’s been my primary drive all this time, though I did add a WD Black 2 TB drive at the same time, where all my games live.

After all I’ve read about all the bad Seagates out there, I’m not sure I’ll buy another unless it’s on sale, since my WD has been just as solid, but I’ve been extremely happy with both brands.

After I bought my WD, I got a little frightened reading the reviews on Newegg, where there appeared to be a high failure rate on those as well. Guess I’m just lucky, or a whole lot of folks were unlucky. I’ve honestly had only two bad hard drives in the last 22 years.

Anecdotally, all my Seagate (internal) drives have lasted 3-5 years which seems to be about average. The newest is 2 Tb and about 6 months old, we’ll see how it goes. My WD “My Book” drives on the other hand all failed within 12 months (2 x 1 Tb drives, 2 x 500 Gb drives, all external). Not touching those again. The WD “My Passport” drives, however, have been a lot more reliable. Still, my WD experience has made me wary of the brand. Actually, my best two drives are a couple of Buffalo 256 Gb drives, both nearly 10 years old, have traveled the world bumping around in my laptop case, still going flawlessly.

out of 8-some Seagate drives, 3 have failed in the past year for me.

My seagate 4TB sshd I just got was doa. But I have several 2-5TB seagates that so far seem to be holding up. Knock on wood.

hmm. 4 including an external. dammit.

Thanks for that link. Fascinating reading.

Got my drive today and will be building my file server, Steam cube and MAME boxes this upcoming long weekend.

Ha! My new Seagate 5TB expansion drive I bought a few months ago and just opened tonight is DOA OOTB. Blinking blue light.


WARNING: Seagate only just changed their Advanced RMA fee from $9.95 US to $35 US on Feb 9.