9/11 being swept under the table


Things you didn’t know: one of the hijackers had a bomb.

Other thing I didn’t know: The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s name is actually spelled “Kerrey”.

Doodz, that just the Brit spelling!

“Colour” my ass!

Couple of others:

  • Apparently, hijackers normally don’t kill anyone to establish control of the plane they’re hijacking. [size=2](“The fact that the hijackers initiated their takeover by killing a passenger and stabbing two crew members had to be the first tip-off that this was anything but a standard hijacking.” However, another page suggests that hijacking do occasionally begin with violence.)[/size]

  • A seven minute discrepancy between different organizations’ timestamps for the time of Flight 93’s crash is “huge”. [size=2]Never mind the fact that one of the timestamps is derived from multiple sources’ accounts (dare I say it’s an “outlier”?). If you just look at actual timestamps, the discrepancy is four minutes.[/size]

  • Bush said “That’s some bad pilot” when he heard about the first plane crashing into the WTC. That’s a pretty cold-hearted comment regardless of the situation. How the hell did that not get played up in either the press or the liberal circles?

The presumptive presidential nominee is John Kerry.

Bob Kerrey is a former senator, and the head of the 9-11 commission.
Bob Kerrey is President of New School University in New York City. For twelve years prior to becoming President of New School University, Bob Kerrey represented the State of Nebraska in the United States Senate. Before that he served as Nebraska’s Governor for four years.

Sometimes you guys make it too easy…

My point exactly.

The context implies that the Senators are from Massachusetts, that is, Senators Kennedy and Kerry. That implication is furthered when she only identifies Bob Kerrey as “9/11 commission member Bob Kerrey” with no mention of his previous service as Senator.

I laughed when I was first told about the crash. Granted, I thought it was a joke, but spinsters hardly care about that.

If I ever try for political office, I can see the front page headlines…

“Brian Koontz LAUGHED when told about the events of 9/11/01!”, under a picture of me with as evil a grin as they could find in the archives.

So… are you being a spinster here with Bush?

They could go for more legitimate criticism by noting my coining of the “Dial 911 day” term, or my downplaying of the importance of the event. Those are measures too subtle for Average Joe, however.

Brian, the day you run for office, is the first day I openly support the idea of shooting candidates. But you won’t. I am surprised your post did start with - “I just heard about this 9/11 thing from a friend, why all the secrecy? How come no one told me about it?” But great way to instead do a riff on your ignorance, but in a different key, your ability to “play stupid” is truly a gift.

And to everyone else,
I looked around and only a few sources mention it, the previous minute by minute account does not say the conversation Bush had, they just make issue with the time he sat before leaving, which at that point I think was understandable.

But for the president to make such a glib comment, even if only the 100 people on the plane died is pretty callous. Thats the kind of “joke” you may think, but don’t even tell your friend.


Damn Chet, you must be out of practice. That was weak. Are you going soft… getting some stuffing in your turkey? That bookie WILL catch up with you.

Aide: “President Bush, a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center”.

Bush {thinking it would be a hang-glider or at worst a single-engine airplane}: “That’s some bad pilot” (Hah Hah)

Over two years later, Qt3ers uncover the awful truth…

“Bush said “That’s some bad pilot” when he heard about the first plane crashing into the WTC. That’s a pretty cold-hearted comment regardless of the situation. How the hell did that not get played up in either the press or the liberal circles?”

“But for the president to make such a glib comment, even if only the 100 people on the plane died is pretty callous. Thats the kind of “joke” you may think, but don’t even tell your friend.”

You guys are the kind of indepth investigative reporters The National Enquirer is looking for. Squirrel Killer at least… I suspect Chet already works there.

Aide: “President Bush, a dead ant was found in a bowl of cereal eaten by a senator this morning”.

Bush {sings}: “Deadant, deadant, deadant deadant deadant deadant deadant…” (Hah, Hah)

Aide: “Mr. President, that ant was poisonous and part of it was eaten by the senator. The senator is now dead”

Qt3ers: “Monstrous Bush jokes about dead senator!” Story at 11.

You guys just the other day were doing a very nice job reaming an attempted Kerry slam with a silly Fonda photo. So then you decide that a stinky shoe on the right foot suddenly becomes sweet-smelling when you put it on the left? You might want to check your noses for clothespins.

I see you are not out of practice on being a blathering idiot.

Yes, I am sure Condoleezza Rice called him, she withheld the size of the plane from him, in fact I bet you she said, We think a paper airplane flew into the world trade towers!! YEAH A PAPER PLANE!!! AHHAHAHA OMG BWHAAHAHAHAHAH.

Brian, I understand you do not have much practice with real world communication, talking to other live people directly. So the conversation or Bush’s reaction may be beyond your grasp. Why don’t you go back to couching all of your posts with, “As I was discussing on another forum”.


By all that’s holy this is absurd.

As we all know from a multitude of other threads, Bush is a draft-dodging AWOL chickenhawk who has no business being on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.

That said, the man did at least kinda-sorta know how to fly a plane. Of all the people on this board, I think only DennyA has been flown in a jet fighter. I don’t know if we have any commercial or civil pilots around.

At any rate, if you’ve flown planes and been in aviation circles and know military and commercial pilots, if someone tells you a plane flew into the world trade center, what is the first thing that is going to come to your mind? Are you suggesting Bush said such a thing in response to someone telling him “Mr President, terrorists have just flown a jetliner into the world trade center”?

Of course, since we all know Dubya is stupid, I guess that clears him of any precognition 9/11-knew-it-was-going-to-happen conspiracy.


I’ve flown in military jets, transports, choppers and parachuted out of many. Does that count?

We know Bush isn’t the brightest bull in the barn, his bulb burned bad back before you or I were around.

Even Bush’s advisers (who are far more capable than most of the people who first broke the news to their fellow man) are unlikely to relate all of the important details of the case in the very first sentence.

Withholding has nothing to do with it. Anything beyond a paper airplane must be brought to the President’s attention immediately. So “Sir, a plane has just crashed into the World Trade Center” was the likely first sentence. Bush makes his joke about the pilot’s ability without knowing anything more than that. He is of course briefed in full as time goes on and as additional information comes in.

As, again, we know, there are many LEGITIMATE serious problems with Bush and the Bush staff. There is no need to invent false ones.

I honestly have to believe that the person first relaying this information would have known the full extent of the event and would have said a passenger plane was flown into the WTC. Also, it sounded like the article described that comment happening when Bush went to a back room to check out the details on TV. Seems even more cold hearted if that’s the case.

When I first heard what happened (a phone call from my Mom), my first response was “accidentally?” Cracking a joke doesn’t seem to be an appropriate response if you’re hearing this news from someone who wouldn’t be spreading rumors (such as the President getting info from staff).

I think this aspect can be overblown. You want to take on Bush for his insensitivity look at the old interview where he mocked a woman on death row for begging for her life. This? I dunno. When 9/11 hit I was in a state of shock myself even before the second plane hit. Definitely had a bad feeling about it and I’ll admit my first reaction was to wisecrack, nervously, at first until the full horror sank in as the next three planes went down. It’s not like he was making a public announcement or anything just being an idiot. Like I was at the very same time.

Ok, I’ve googled for ‘bush “That’s some bad pilot”’ and gotten a grand total of 64 hits, and every one I’ve checked was either a direct quote from the Observer’s article or a discussion about it. Not one provided another source for the quote other than Sheehy and the Four Moms organization. Is there any other source for this quote?

Here’s the relevant portion of the Oberserver article:

My question: Who, out of GWB, Rice, and whoever else was in the room at the time, leaked the quote?

Alright…googling for ‘bush “bad pilot”’ (361 hits, not all on this incident) sheds a little more light on the subject.

It seems that in a question and answer session some time after 9/11, someone asked him what his thoughts were when he found out about the attacks. His response was that “…I said, well, there’s one terrible pilot. I said, it must have been a horrible accident.”

That’s a far fucking cry from cracking a joke about it though.

I can’t believe with all the other stuff in that article you all are focusing on that quote…how the hell did we not intervene on the second plane or at least the Pentagon in time given that at 8 15 we knew terrorists had the planes and were killing people?

Probably because the Air Force got caught flatfooted and had been lazy about continental air defense since the thread of Soviet bombers diminished.