911 service on bundled Internet?

My wife and I are looking to trim costs where we can and one way we can do this is going from a separate phone provider which costs us $35 a month to comcast bundle which will increase our internet bill $10 a month. Every little bit helps.

My concern is with Internet based phone and the need for emergency services. If your Internet goes down you’re sol? Can they find you as quick as a landline if you can’t tell them your location? I called their support and they were incredibly vague

“don’t worry it works good”

doesn’t really give me specifics.

Yes, your phone number is associated with your address for 911 services. This is called “E911 service”.

It does require internet service to work at all, however. Comcast recommends putting the modem on a UPS for power outages, and using a phone that doesn’t require power.