"911. What is your emergency?" "My son is playing video games!"

It says Associated Press but this report must be from The Onion.

Especially in today’s day and age when these kids play video games and computer games.

Oh great lets blame another thing on GTA, sure why not?

Did they remember to tase him?

Someone should tell that boy that life does not have a reset button.

911: “Ma’am, is there reason to believe that there is a problem with your son’s game playing?”
Mom: “Well, I don’t know, he just seems to keep falling into this same pit over and over again!”
911: “Please remain calm, ma’am, an NES-era expert has been dispatched and will arrive within five to ten minutes.”

In a perfect world maybe…

The cops should’ve gone to the garage and handed her an easy solution:

Of course she’d probably just use it on her kid instead of said video game cause she is a fricken idiot.

Edit:And in my day the cops would arrest or charge anyone for calling them about something that retarded.
You can’t tell me cops in Boston don’t have better things to do.

This was precisely my wife’s point. (And she thinks that I and the kids play too many games!) Yet they sent TWO officers. TWO!

Yeah, sending the police themselves is weird.

From what I know, the typical response to this kind of thing is a referral to a non-emergency social services phone number and a stern warning to only use 9-1-1 for an actual emergency.

Sure makes for a funny story around holiday time, though!

Edit:And in my day the cops would arrest or charge anyone for calling them about something that retarded.
You can’t tell me cops in Boston don’t have better things to do.

Shit, our alarm went off a few weeks back (the cats set it off) and the cops had to come out to the house and check it out. Nothing was wrong so they left a warning on the door that if it happens again, we’re getting fined.

I feel safer already.

Maybe they were concerened that the situation might escalate to violence.

Considering this was Boston, the kid should consider himself lucky that the cop didn’t shoot him in the face with a flexible baton round.

And then they arrive and find out he’s playing ET.

Wouldn’t that be grounds for civil commitment?

Maybe he just wanted his motherfucking chocolate milk.

That’s because home alarm systems are the number one cause of false alarms, which waste police time, and a ton of money. According to the Phoenix PD, it costs them millions of dollars to deal with false alarms. That’s why many communities have fines for them.

I know, but it still sucks to have to hope it was something real so you don’t get fined.

Either way you’re going to lose some money. At my house we have a alarm system but it isn’t hooked into the grid. I figure B&E criminals don’t have the resources to figure out whether the cops are really coming so the alarm warning on the windows and the klaxon that goes off do the same thing your alarm does (how many criminals wait around to take on the cops and continue stealing or assume the alarm is a bluff?)except in the case of a false alarm all that happens is my neighbours get annoyed by the loud noise.

Either way you’re going to lose some money.

Heh, true.

How did you get it off the grid? Unplug the wireless transmitter or something? That’s interesting…

I’ve explained to people that the alarm isn’t meant to actually catch any criminals, it’s a deterrent to get them to leave. They often look at me like I’m crazy but, I mean, come on - the cops aren’t going to get there in time to catch them (it’s unlikely, at the very least). However, the alarm gets them attention they don’t want so they won’t have time to carefully ransack the entire house.