A $795 book

i’ll save you the trouble of clicking:
The 2007-2012 World Outlook for Cashews (Paperback)

so far, zero reviews.


This is about nuts!

How did you stumble across this book?
We could go 10-ways in it. Each person getting half a year of Cashew goodness, that would only put us out of pocket by ~$80. Sounds like a deal!

Who buys market research through amazon.com?


Although not as an impressive price tag, his other work “The World Market for Air or Vacuum Pumps, Air or Other Gas Compressors, and Ventilating or Recycling Hoods with Fans Excluding Cooker Hoods: A 2007 Global Trade Perspective” is sure to be a compelling read.

I read that. Didn’t care much for the ending.

Built up a lot of pressure but then just petered out…


I lack the Photoshop skillz necessary to make a picture of Whitta holding a copy next to his head and smiling, so just imagine it.

Mike, I think you just summoned Sparky. Just remember to say the name 3 times in front of your mirror for it to work.

Since when are analyst reports sold on Amazon? I suppose this must be some freelance analyst who somehow convinced Amazon to carry a self-published study? Anyhow, pssht for a mere $795. That’s chump change for one of these reports. I just finished my first study for IDC. It’s on the website for $3,500. That works out to $100 a page. No, I’m not linking it. It’s worthy of mockery.

Edit: I see the publisher, Icon Group, is in fact an analysis firm. I guess they are just too cheap to operate their own ecommerce portal.

For $795, I’d want that in hardback.

For $795, I’d want that in baby got back.

i was searching stuff on amazon and i wondered if their grocery service could deliver cashews cheaper than the store brand i get from the store i normally go to.

Don’t leave me in suspense, do they? ;)

And if you bought it, I bet you could make millions trading cashew nut futures.

Hey, they have one for videogames too! And it’s only $495!

I’m waiting for the film.