A "Battle Brothers" adventure - (ignominious defeat!)


Sounds interesting. You can start a map seed Ironman challenge, I’ll try to find time to participate. Remember to lay the rules for difficulty also.


I have 2 map seeds that have been good for me.

I’ll post them in about an hr.


I’m interested. What difficulty levels were you thinking of?


I’ll do it too! I might be a bit slow but will definitely be party :)


Well I’ve only played it on easy/easy, which is still challenging.

Anyway, seed 6ff03b is good (I don’t know what is to the east btw.)

seed 91e2ca is also good.


vWill it be a single thread where we all post updates and highlights? Or separate ones? It’s good to have a clear format to distinguish the different companies as well. Like maybe start off the post with our different banners.


I’d have thought a series of posts replying in this here thread :).


Sounds good. I usually play on veteran/veteran with medium starting funds. I don’t think that there would be a problem if people played at different difficulty levels. In fact, it would be rather interesting to see how a given map plays out at different settings.


Day 117, and one of my starting companions dies, and it really was my fault.

I hate wolfriders, possibly more than Orcs a this point. I had a good formation going, that basically checked the wolfriders, but I left a gap.1st error.

And then 3 of them went through the gap and surrounded my marksman.

He survived.

Then I fancy footworked him away from the riders, to the west of the map.

And that was the 2nd error.

I should have moved him towards the east, where the rest of my soldiers were.

Then he could have swapped in with someone more durable /expendable.

Lvl 8 marksman gone.


Still my lvl 7 and 8 wreckers are basically immune to goblin arrow fire, which was proofed in that battle. They are wearing some heavy armour (320) and helmet (230)

Edit: There was a 3rd error, which was forgetting that wolfriders are 2 in 1 (kill 1 and either the rider or the wolf remains) and that they hit hard. 3 attacks I think.


Yea totally. So when do we start this? I want to get going! I’d suggest a single thread, for the first post do the banner and difficulty, maybe something like this? Just copy and paste the name and difficulty (which I forgot) and then crop and resize it. Or I can do it for you if you tell me what settings and name you’re going to use:

Maybe at the top of each post it would use a format like:

Frog Emperor - Veteran - Day 28



I’d think the first order of business is to pick the game seed to be used, difficulty and any other rules (i.e. ironman).


Indeed. Well 6ff03b has worked well. good trading etc.

91e2ca is also good.

I would say Veteran ironman, to spice things up, and also because it menas we 'll all be dead soon, and let’s be honest the funnest part is reading about/ relating how someone died.

My Band’s name:



The Black Raven on the white background.

I’ll start tomorrow.


I agree with that. BBB are those from the map seed thread? Or did you generate those on your own? I don’t want to spoil my own playthru by scouting it out so you guys choose!

Here’s icons in case you were asking for them:




I’m looking forward to trying this! If I could make a suggestion, could we either break this up into separate threads (one per campaign), or could we keep campaign progression to a similar level (e.g. no more than 5 days of game time per real day?) I’d like to read the campaigns concurrently and all be at the same place in their timelines rather than have them get out of order.


Good point.

I think we allow people to play however much they want in a session, but report just 5 days at a time.

Imho, 5 days is a good period of time to play and report, but I know how I am with this game, it’s very likely I’ll want to play more than 5 days.

Would be good discipline, and help focus.

@jpinard Thanks for the images. :)


Dis gon be good



I’m up for this.

Did we decide on a map seed?

I’m calling The Pinatas for my team name if we are going all Iron Man/Veteran/Veteran.


i suggested 2 that i know work well. However, I had a (brilliant, terrible?) just now when I was searching for this topic.

@jpinard started the thread, so we should honour him by using his map seed:


Day 1:

Corvus. One word, just a name, right now we are nothing, nay less than nothing, ever since Hoggart ambushed us and killed everyone but me and 3 others.

We survived the battle. but the weasel escaped. All we have now is each other and barely any equipment.

I brought the men down to Schneeburg, to patch themselves up, taking careful note of the map I inherited

In Schneeburg, we get our payment, and vow to avenge ourselves on Hoggart.

But first, I need men, good men and true.

Failing that, any men.

I decide to recruit a Daytaler and a Mason from Schneeburg (screenshots) neither of which are very impressive.

I got to Flensburg, and note the presence of a tavern. That’ll come in handy.

The men available in Flensburg are much more promising. (screenshot) but expensive.

I decide to take on Eduard the deserter, hoping he proves useful before deserting (screenshot). He is remarkably athletic. (less fatigue per tile travelled. A good candidate for a 2 hander later)

I am sorely tempted by the witch hunter, but my funds are limited. Therefore I pick up Erling the mason.(screenshot) who is…unremarkable.

So, with 7 men, I return to Schneeburg, to find, and kill, Hoggart. (screenshot of just before battle)

I have 7 men against 5. I have the numbers, but they are overall better equipped. I decide to open formalities with a Crossbow (screenshot) which hits. A good start. Their return fire pings off me, as I position the Mner with his pickaxe in order to pick at Hoggart, who’s advancing on my left flank. I posistion 4 men plus the Crossbow there, and decide to send the remaining 2, with shieldwall up, to my right flank, hopefully cornering the Archer.

Round 2, my 55% chance to hit xbow bolt misses.

As does my mace (wooden stick) strike. Thankfully Eric the miner hits. But Hoggart goes around him and does some serious damage.

Hugo (starting companion) manages to poke Hoggart a bit.

meanwhile, onj the right flank, my hand axeman managed to knock their axeman onto the low ground, so my mason spearman has their archer cornered..

Round 3- have to reposition my xbow because the lines are joined.

meanwhile, several attacks fail to connect. I do however manage to stun one of the enemy, which is good.

Round 4 - the mason is dead, and so too is a brigand. Then their archer dies, meaning thesouthern axeman is isolated.

Round 5, Edourd (deserter) finally connects with the axe, and it is glorious.

the southern axeman dies, and one Brigand has a cut artery, so is bleeding to death.

That leaves Hoggart.

round 6 - xbow connects, almost kills Hoggart. Hugo deals the deathblow.

Post battle. and some loot.

OOC: It appears I typed in the map seed wrong, as I have a different map, but a pretty awesome looking one, with 1 noble house to the north (5 cities) one to the south (8 cities) and one between (4 cities)

I shall carry on with this map.


My team will be (of course) Sharpe’s Blades.

Edit: I second the motion to use jpinards map seed. We can contest for the title of Most Ignominious Defeat.


I first tried out that seed but it didn’t match the initial game in the thread. It turns out that he used “QT3” as a seed but didn’t change the screenshot.

I just tried out “QT3” and it gives the same map and starting brothers as @jpinard playthrough. I think we should use that one.